518: The Human Factor

Today the point came up that has often come up for me in the past year or so. Every time I hear a radio program, or read a news story, or watch a documentary I see there are obvious problems in this world that require a change. But the point that exist within all the stories I see/read/watch is the human factor. That is the one fundamental point that creates and shapes a particular story - a problem of homelessness, or drug overdoses, or civil wars, or corrupt governments, or whatever it is... it's made up of the humans involved.

What I see when I look at this world is not the problems as they are presented, but as the minds of humanity. If each person in this world considered how who they are influence the rest of the world, we would see a different humanity. The human is at the core of everything that goes on in our world - how the animals are treated, how the environment is treated, how the people are treated, and the outcomes of each of these - it's the human that runs the world. And is this a world we should accept? Of course not.

But while we think homelessness or drug addiction, or war is simply 'part of reality' - it is in fact not. It's it due to the nature in which humans have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become. It doesn't actually have to be this way.

So while we see conflict on the streets, and in our homes, and on our televisions - realize you are simply seeing what humanity has become through accepting and allowing a mind of separation. We do not see how who we are impacts those around us, and our starting point of living and behaving plays the major role.

From this perspective - realizing that all things in this world come back to the HUMAN as the problem, we realize the utmost importance of SELF-responsibility. There is nothing happening in the world that doesn't exist on some scale within your own mind... have a look. Be self-honest, and actually take the time to investigate and see the nature in which you move, speak, and think. It is not a kind mind we have - it is one that creates what we see in this world. Live in Reverse = Evil.

Thus our sole purpose in this world is to change ourselves - to take the responsibility we have as the one part of humanity that reveals a much needed re-alignment into real life living - not one of blame, gossip, hate, conflict, greed, corruption, self-interest. If we could all simply get back to ourselves, and back to reality - we could realize the common life we all want to live, and that together, equal and one, we can create that.

There is power in numbers - we hear that about many species of animals in the wild - well I see humanity as the same. At the moment - the 7 billion humans are divided, and conquered, instead of standing in unity. The way to unity is to start with yourself - to be the change you want to see in this world... to stop the nature of the mind that creates the atrocities we see on a global level. Check out DIP lite to start this investigation to see what you are really made of... I dare you.

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