05 January 2017

516: Into-Me-Seeing: What Dreams Reveal about You

One of the points I decided to take more seriously, and to start working with more directly, is who I am within dreams. I don't often have vivid dreams, but when I do, they are very much revealing parts and natures of myself I have for long suppressed.

In the past year I've had re-occurring dreams in relation to family members, where I have this absolute rage I exert out unto them. To me this indicate massive suppression of reactions I've accumulated throughout my lifetime towards my family, and they are very much a part of me, and influencing me, even though I don't see the extent to the reactions on a conscious level. They are here - as revealed in my dreams.

Another example most recently was a dream I had in relation to my weight. I have for the past year and a half been facing my relationship with my physical body, and my weight. And while I often first go to my diet and physical activity as points to change, I realize it's deeper than that in terms of why I have the relationship towards my body I do, such as reactions as fears, and desires towards my weight. So it is a point I've been consciously aware of, as a point within me needing to be aligned into a more practical, sustainable relationship - yet within this recent dream I could see dimensions of it within myself I had not yet identified.

It was an experience of being helpless towards my weight, feeling like I had no control over the size of my physical body - like it would either gain weight, or lose weight, and it didn't really matter what I did. More so I could see how this helplessness was actually due to my eating habits - how I have the tendency to emotionally eat, and sometimes feel as though I have no control over it. I've for a long time dubbed it up to be simply an addictive personality wherein I want more and more of a good taste, that then created a positive energy that I wanted to consume more of. But now I see it's actually because I eat based on energy - I want certain foods when I am in particular emotional state and within that, no directive power in what I am doing, what I'm experiencing, or what I'm eating because it's all influenced by energy as emotions and feelings.

So here realizing dreams are revealing and that it's not such a hard thing to access their significance. For me I simply look at who I am in the dream - what was my experience, what were my thoughts, what were my feelings, what were my emotions, what was I doing, why was I doing what I was doing... and all this can be found within self-honesty.

Dreams show us a glimpse into the deeper layers we are not yet conscious of, yet that still play an active role within who we are, and how we go about living our lives; the choices we make, the decision we take, the relationships we create. So take dreams seriously as a practical tool to get to know yourself better, and how you can change certain relationships within yourself towards yourself, and others. For me, a dream is specific, and I can use it as the gift it is... in-to-me-seeing.

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