515: The Power of Self: Consequence, Responsibility, and Freedom

The other night I created a consequence that not only affected me, but many other people as well. And I could see this consequence was created in a moment of my acceptance and allowance of a distraction.

While the consequences were not physically harmful, or disastrous to anyone, I could clearly see how who I was in one singular moment, rippled through and effected many people around me - there was no denying my responsibility of this consequence.

And who I was in that moment was distracted. I was busy with people, interacting with them, and because I was off thinking about something else, caught up at the time of day, and in a way, getting swept up by the external factors around me, I did not pay attention to myself, and what I was doing, and the task before me and thus created a consequence that had an affect on not only myself.

Now while this again did not have devastating effect on other people, or myself, it was still a consequence - a sequence of events that unfolded due to me, who I was in that moment, and my actions, and in this instance, lack of presence, and focus.

We often think being distracted, or thinking about other things while we are busy doing something in the physical doesn't have harmful effects, but it very much can. It can create something you did not intend, and that is due to where you were in that moment, which was not 'here' - it was 'there' in the mind, in some future event, or past memory, some self-created experience, or about someone not in your immediate environment.

And for me - taking responsibility for this moment was completely natural - there was no denying that I was the one that caused the outcome, and so I had no problem owning that, as I could see, and be honest about who I was in that moment, and what was created. When I talked to some others about it, they were adamant that people other than myself were involved in the consequence, and it wasn't my fault. I really couldn't accept that. And while perhaps they were, or some cases where more than one person is responsible for some consequence, to take absolute and full responsibility seem to be the common sense stance for me.

There is an actual freedom in taking complete responsibility for who one is, and what manifests from that. Because in that responsibility, you are being self-honest, and in that self-honesty - there is nothing to hide, there is no shame, no self-judgment, no fear... simply an acceptance of the reality of what happened, and the ability to learn from that moment to ensure one does not create it again.

I accepted and allowed myself to be in a distraction, and I now see even more the absolute necessity for me to be present; fully and physically engaged in even the most insignificant of moments, because without my awareness present, and as directive principle... you can create things that do not benefit you, or others.

A lovely lesson in the power of self and how who one is shapes and influence the world around us. The question we must always ask ourselves... what are we creating?

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