508: An Appalling Death

Today I was talking to a friend, and he was mentioning some kind of accident in his area, where a family of four died on a theme park ride. It was something like a freak accident, though the point he brought up was we seem to make such a big fuss about those kind of things - when someone dies in such an accident, yet people die every day, thousands of people every day from preventable things.

I could see how we may be more shocked or appalled at such deaths because they happen in a place where we basically pay to be entertained, and to fuel positive energy. It's suppose to be 'happy places' - so when something like death happens, it like shocks and appalls everyone.

Though what is more appalling is that we allow people to die every day just because they don't have the money to buy food, or clean water, or provide themselves with proper resources. The thing that is most appalling is that everyday people are neglected from having access to the basic needs, and the physical resources that are provided by the Earth in abundance for all - but because of our greed, our ignorance, our deliberate neglect of life, we are not appalled at such things. We simply accept is as the way of life.

So when someone dies on an amusement park ride, we are taken aback. But when thousands more die everyday because they lack the proper care from humanity, we brush it off; we don't even think twice. This is not to make light of people losing their lives at amusement parks in any way - this is simply a question of why aren't ALL deaths seen in an equal way?

Our priorities are all messed up. Time to correct this. Take notice of the things that happen every day, yet we brush under the rug. or look past, or don't give enough attention to. Then look at what gets our attention, our shock, our surprise, and our focus. Do these things really matter?

Death happens every day, and not just in the ways that make headline news. It happens everyday, even though it's preventable. That is more newsworthy than anything. And that is what should be catching, and keeping our attention - at least until we stop it. Because we can... we have the technology to give EVERYONE a dignified life. Not just for a few.

So don't be fooled by the attention grabbing, trending, celebrity gossip, or latest political buzz, or even the cute cat videos. These are all distractions. Focus on what matters. And we start by taking note about what matters in our life - prioritizing. Making sure we are giving the proper and attention to what matters in our day to day lives, and not just what keeps us busy and complacent.

The ignorance of the masses is the ignorance of the individual. And if we don't care, we can't expect anyone else to care. So be the change. Start with yourself. Live the example of Life that truly cares.

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