21 November 2016

504: It Was So Much Easier than I THOUGHT

Today I noticed something interesting about the Mind. I mean I have understood this before, but it's a whole other story when you see it real time, and get that first hand experience of what it's actually capable of. The understanding becomes much more real and grounded.

I had to make an appointment and I noticed that I had a slight resistance to it. I had all these ideas coming up within my mind about how I may not get in for the appointment for a few months, like they would be all booked up. I thought it might be very expensive, because I at the moment do not have health insurance in Canada. I thought it would be much more complicated that it actually turned out to be. The key word here being THOUGHT.

I THOUGHT it was going to be this big, complicated situation that I was in a way dreading. Dreading because I had THOUGHTS projecting into the future of how it was going to go, or turn out. I THOUGHT it would be so pricey, I THOUGHT I wouldn't get in when I needed to. I THOUGHT it was going to be such an ordeal. And because of everything I THOUGHT, I created like a resistance to actually making the appointment in anticipating all I THOUGHT I would have to walk through for it.

So I called. They answered, they knew exactly what I needed, had an appointment in two weeks I was able to schedule. They gave me the price, which I saw was reasonable. They took some more information from me, and the conversation ended. All of 5 minutes, and reality again proved the mind can be so irrational and over-complicate things.

How often do we have ideas about things... how things are going to go, or how things will end up. Based on our past, or our fears, or our assumptions, we come to conclusions about things before we actually walk through it! How much do we put off in anticipation of it not going smoothly or being more complicated then we think it's worth? How much do we allow our mind's complications influence reality, where the reality might just be so much more simple than we could ever conceive.

It usually is. We tend to over-exaggerate and create more of a mess when we are dealing with our minds. When we allow thoughts, and ideas, and assumptions attached to irrational emotions and feelings... we create a whole reality around the actual actions to take, and create something bigger than what it is.

Do yourself a favor... stop THINKING about what you need to do, and just do it. Make that appointment. Fill out those documents. Make that call. Schedule that meeting. Stop putting stuff off because you've created ideas about how difficult it's going to be, and rather just do it. Physically walk it, and prove to yourself how much more simple reality living is. When we get out of our heads, and start walking one day at a time, one foot in front of the other, on step at a time... we realize how complicated we make things. So unnecessarily.

Life and living can be simple. It doesn't have to be this big ordeal. We do that by dealing with it through the mind as thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If we instead just focused on the physical - the actions required to take, and take those steps to get it done, we can become much more efficient in our lives, and not live with the anxiety, and stress we create through putting something off because of our created ideas about what it's going to be like.

Stop thinking, and start living. Stop assuming, and find out for real.

Live simple, ya'll.

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