491: Fear or Principles - How do You Vote? 30 Days of Blogging - Day 25

Today in the US, as everyone knows, is the Presidential elections. I just so happen to be visiting my home state during this time (wink wink), so I was able to partake in the festivities. However I did not vote for a president. I voted for principles.

The two party system has been for a long time 'the norm' in the US, and for as long as I've been able to vote, the 'lesser of two evils' was the way to go; the consensus for people my age. At one point in the last 8 years I wasn't even going to vote because I thought it didn't matter anyway... thinking the system is rigged and the choice was already made, I almost opted out of an election. But in the end, I used my one vote, and did vote the lesser of two evils, and have done that every election... until now.

This year I realized that I could not stand by such a choice. I didn't want to vote for someone because it was a vote against another person. I would not vote for one because I disliked the other one. I could not stand to vote in fear. I could not vote for the two parties because they do not align to my principles. And I realized there are candidates that do.

What matters to me is the health of this planet, and the people within it. The well being of our society, and the environment with live in. The potential for people to live in dignity, and not be suppressed by debt. I care about education, and people's ability to support themselves. I do NOT support war in ANY WAY whatsoever, it is NEVER justified.

Lo and behold there was a candidate with these same values. She wanted to defund the military as our budget for it is absolutely absurd and just reveals our inflated sense of self, the facade we must put up in the name of our fear. If we took even a fraction of that budget, we could provide healthcare for all, education for all, and support in things that benefit people, not kills them in the name of profit.

She wanted to forgive the student loans that currently cripples the young people of this country. That in itself is an economic stimulus... free people of their debt bondage and they have the funds to spend in our economy, rather than majority of their funds going back to paying their student loans.

She wanted to invest in renewable, sustainable energy, which not only creates jobs, it supports the very fabric of what our existence depends on... this earth. The earth provides for us all the energy we need, free and clear, and yet we resource old, stored, finite energy to fuel our society that creates damaging effects to not only ourselves but our home that provides us with our foundational livelihood, Earth.

These are things that matter to me. And these are things a presidential nominee were bringing to the table to be our focus. Yet I realize America is still bound to two parties... majority being unaware of the real choice we have.

Currently we are fed fear to keep us compliant... "voting for a third party is voting for republicans." or "it's a wasted vote." I realize that my vote today would not elect my candidate into the presidential position, but I am one more person voting within principles, and not fear, and eventually enough will do so to get the momentum needed for the parties outside of the major two to be seen and heard.

Today I voted for opening up the elections to more than just the two main parties. I voted for the greater good. I voted for what matters. I voted for those that are not yet aware of the power we do actually have. There is another way... there is always another way. When there is a will. And once enough people have had enough of our political system, and politicians that speak empty words, it will change. There are not just problems, there are solutions to our problems, and we don't have to align ourselves to accepting the problem as it is, and move according to it to get the lesser of the worst result... we can work together for what is best for all.

So I did not vote for a president today, I voted for principles that matter to me, and matter to everyone because they are, matter of fact, what effect most people in this world.

And as I write this blog, the election is turning into Donald's favor. Do not fear. Fear is what elected him. And fear is what didn't elect Hillary. Fear creates fear. But one man cannot do the damage your fear thinks he can alone. It takes many, in agreement, to create change, for better or for worse. 1+1+1+1... who are you as a +1?

My vote was not wasted, as I voted within and for principles that I can stand by, and I will continue to stand by.

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