487: Commitment and a Win-Win Situation - 30 Days of Blogging - Day 21

Today is day 21 of blogging - 21 consecutive days of a new habit, which I've heard is the amount of time it takes to create a new habit. And so it's done. Well is it?

I have walked a process of blogging for 21 days before, maybe twice in the past 5 years, and one thing someone said to me once was, "if you stop writing after your 21 days, you have failed." This is quite interesting if you take a closer look at it... 21 days is the commitment you make, yet if you stop then, what are you saying? It's like a condition - I will only do this for 21 days, because 21 days is the limit I've set for myself. But why not go beyond it? Push beyond the point you've already said 'is enough' and see who you are?

I've been looking at whether or not I would continue after my 30 days of blogging is up - who I would be at that day 31. Would I continue to write consistently? Would I stop and revert back to my old pattern of mostly not writing a blog?

For me I can see the want to continue is here, and in walking this process of 30 days, I have walked through major points I have in the past allowed to deter me from writing a blog. And so I've learned, and have gotten real-time practice of how to walk through those experiences of resistances, of not knowing what to write about, of not feeling like it, of doing something regardless of your experience, but instead just physically doing it - and in that showing to myself it can be done.

Blogging is a source from which a lot of support can come from, not only for myself, but for others as well. This world is filled with information that serves nothing in relation to what is best for all, it only serves what is best for individuals within separation, self-interest, and to keep our divided natures in tact. Always something external to blame, and something outside of ourselves to focus on... someone to hate, to be disgruntled with, to be appalled by, to be entertained with... there's always something to keep us too busy to see what's right in front of us.

And what is right in front of us is ourselves. Our thoughts, words and deeds. What is missing is our responsibility to ourselves, who we are, and how that contributes to the things in our external reality that we are so dissatisfied with. We are looking in the mirror at our own creation.

What we require is a step back... a new view, a new perspective. And that starts within ourselves. That to me is what blogging is assisting and supporting me within. While I have had the tools of writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-responsibility, and self-correction... blogging here specifically, and publishing it assists me with not only seeing me, who I am, and my responsibility within this world, I am also able to show others how to do the same, by being an example.

So I see a responsibility within blogging in that you are putting information out into the world that is actually BEST for ALL. It is best for all because it shows how we are able to, and are taking SELF-responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds, and how that is the starting point, and seed to creating a change in this world. Looking outward at what is currently accepted and allowed as sources of news, entertainment, and information without question is not within the principles of what is best for all because it's filled with blame, and anger, and attacking, and manipulation, all to keep the cogs of the wheel turning. It also is a point of looking outward to be the change, when in reality, change can only come from ourselves. That's the catch. 'What is out there' is 'what's in here' and 'in here' is me, as an individual within/as this world. So before I can say ANYTHING about what's going on out there, I must bring it back to self. Clear myself up, get myself standing within principles that are best for all, and then expand to the outer.

Blogs is a way to start that expansion. Slowly but surely showing a new way, day by day, how one apply themselves in their lives, how they can reflect on situations and events and relationships in their day to day living, and how we can practically change ourselves. Once we realize we can change ourselves, we can show how other's can change their self.

This constant stream of daily examples of how we as destonians, those walking the desteni process, are changing ourselves is the information that should be out in the world. And the more of us that do it, the more information gets out - the good news as the way to change.

So while blogging supports us in our own process, where we can practice self-directive techniques in walking through our mind, we are simultaneously showing others how they can do it themselves. It's truly a win-win situation.

To stop blogging after 21 days, or rather 30 days doesn't make sense, as I see the value it is for myself, and others. To stop now is to hinder the opportunity of growth I have, and so others. The commitment of 30 days of blogging was to create a new habit, and so that habit shouldn't end after 30 days. The commitment in it's essence, at it's core, is to change self and that commitment is also at the core of this process. And that does not end.

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