482: Shout Out to the Physical Body part 2 - 30 Days of Blogging - Day 16

Some interesting points come up today while I was doing self-forgiveness on my relationship to my stomach. As mentioned in the previous blog, it is one that has not been the nicest - resenting my stomach in a way,  blaming it for not adhering to the specific image I wanted, getting upset when it wasn't what I thought it 'should' be. So a relationship that has been tumultuous. TUMultuous...

This opening up from some upset stomachs I've been having the past couple months - and to me, revealing a relationship with the stomach that required my attention.

So with the self-forgiveness, two major points stood out to me. The first is how my relationship with my stomach was so nasty in fact, that I could see how I could, over time, in continuing to place expectations unto it, and the negative emotions I was experiencing toward it, would in fact create some serious problems. Imagine constantly being angry, resentful, hateful even towards a particular part of your body... would you be surprised if it would create some kind of dis-ease or sickness? After all, it is constantly being imposed on, and told it's 'not good enough' - it's not being cared for or considered as in embracing what it is, and how it functions, and how it is in harmony with the rest of the body to create the whole. So imagine constantly berating something, telling it it's not good enough - it needs to be better, never being gentle, or loving toward it in any way. In such a relationship, in time, from my perspective, I could easily create the exact fear I had come up when I first experienced the upset stomach. (which you can read in the previous blog.) This also reminds me of Emoto's water experiments... where depending on the nature of the person speaking to the water, it can change and have an effect on the water particles itself. google it...

Something to think about, and reflect on in terms of what our relationship to our bodies are, and how that can create what our body does, or how it functions. We very much play a part in it's manifestation, and for me, if I'm not working with it, supporting it, but rather judging it, and condemning it, I'm going to create negative effects rather than positive ones. It's like getting what you give. You give something nasty, you get something nasty.

Which leads me into the next point that came up while applying self-forgiveness for the current relationship with my stomach. What if I were to imagine my stomach was aware.. it was a being unto itself. And what if I stood in it's shoes... placed myself as my stomach, part of this physical body, existing as I should be, and here comes this force that starts imposing unto me that I'm not good enough, that I should be better. Attacking with judgments and expectations, and never satisfied with who I am, or how I'm existing. I mean that's not cool at all.... give as you would like to receive isn't it?

I can easily apply this principle as well to my physical body... treat it as I would like to be treated. I would not want to be constantly judged, and attacked, told I'm not good enough, or that I should be better, and compared to other stomachs. I mean that is fucked up. So why not give as I would like to receive? I would like to receive support, and consideration of who I am, and care in supporting my functioning, and well being, and health.

So for me this was also a major point in seeing I have not been treating my stomach/body as a whole with consideration and care. I have been attempting to impose an image unto it that it must live up to, not at all embracing it as what it currently is. Forcing to change as if 'it's' the problem... well I can see clearly my stomach is not the problem. I am the problem.. the problem is within me, within my mind, within my definitions of beauty and attraction, within comparisons, within separation of what my physical body actually is, and the purpose it fulfills. It is not here to submit to the demands of my mind that suggest it's not perfect the way it is... it is here to complete the whole of the physical - one piece that is of equal value as the rest, and that supports in the whole being able to exist as it does. It's a part that I cannot live without, and again, as I've realized before, it's not what's on the outside as the shape and look of my stomach that matters. It's the inside that matters... the inner workings and flow of how my body is functioning. That should be my utmost priority and focus as ensuring I am doing whatever I can to create an environment that is conducive to a body that is well, stable, strong, and efficient... in fact living to it's utmost potential.

The body is miraculous in it's ability to heal, and direct anything that is not best for it, out of it. Yet we often don't support it to be able to do this... we challenge it with our diets, and especially our state of minds that currently creates the relationship we have with it. It takes a lot of shit from us. Do we have any idea how lucky we are?

I wanted to share these two points today because I see how relevant they are in realizing what effect we have on our bodies in what we accept and allow within/as ourselves as the relationship we create to our bodies. It's time to create harmony, and peace - stop the blame, the anger, the resentments. Forgive, let go, and create something that is what is best for all. That includes the physical body. That is in fact where we start to create change within this world... we start within the world that we are wholly responsible for, and that is our physical body. Remember - our bodies are a universe, and that is a vast space to be responsible for. Consider each atom, cell, organ, etc. equal to the rest and you can begin to understand how the whole of humanity is a body - each atom, each cell, each being equal in it's value, making up the whole body. We need each other to be in harmony, to be in peace, to stop the conflict, It is in fact what is best for all. Start with self, the inner, and expand it to the world, the outer.

Thanks for reading. Now give your body a hug :)

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