06 May 2016

458: We Will Have to Imagine

One of the most vital elements to changing, to this process we are walking within Humanity, is to understand why things exist the way that they do. Since writing about this forgiveness point the past few days, I’ve come to notice more and more how we are so quick to judge things in our world.

Indiana just installed a drop-box for mothers no longer wanting their babies. This was created due to the amount of babies being abandoned by their mothers, some I’m sure not lucky enough to survive, while others being found and put into the system such as foster care, and then perhaps adoption. We want to condemn these woman, to be appalled by the fact that a city must install such a thing – a drop box for unwanted babies. As woman, and I’m sure as mothers, we cannot even imagine how one could abandon their babies like that.

But it exists, so we’ll have to. We’ll have to imagine what would possibly go through the minds of these women, and parents. We will have to imagine what dire situation they must be in to feel that is their only option. We must imagine the system in which they live wherein they are either too addicted, too poor, too afraid, or too dis-empowered to feel as though they cannot care for a baby.

We will have to imagine it because it exists. And condemning these woman, or being disgusted by the fact that a state took an initiative to install a baby drop box for those woman feeling there is no other way does nothing to solve the problem.

As a matter of fact, we don’t have to imagine, because it exists and so we can understand. Talk to these woman, stand in their shoes, look at their life, their family upbringing… see WHY and HOW they were in a position where in their life they felt they had to make such a decision. See what events took place that molded their minds, that shaped their lives, that contributed to who they became that led them to that very moment. It’s all relevant… it’s all a sequence of a source.

These woman are us. These parents are us. They are subject to the same life conditions we are. Some more severe, some better off – though their lives are determined by a system of money, of corruption, of greed, of self-interest, of abuse, of neglect, of inconsideration for actual Life.

These are symptoms of a problem within all of humanity. And we are only continuing the sickness through condemning those we are not willing to understand. Miss-takes are made, consequences are created, and our own internal mental process is our prison of enslavement. Unless we provide a solution, we are a part of the problem.

So let me suggest for us to stop judging, and stop condemning. Let’s start to Understand. Why? Why are women, and parents feeling they have no other option? Why are they afraid to tell their family about their pregnancy? Why do they feel they cannot raise a child? Why have they preferred a life of chasing a high, then the real value of physical matter which they’ve grown inside of them? Yes – each individual is responsible for the decisions made in their life, but we are too responsible for our world as a whole. How can we contribute to healing humanity?

We can start but stopping the blame, and stopping the judgment. We can start to forgive. But first we must understand. Do not see an outflow without tracing it back to its origin. You or I are no better than the woman making I’m sure one of the most difficult decisions in their life… to ones that must forever live with that decision, to face it for the rest of their lives. Who are we to add to their turmoil? Rather, be a beacon of compassion, of understanding, and dare I say it… hop. Hope that humanity to can get their act together, step up, stand up for one another, and stop dividing ourselves based on judgments and opinions of other people’s lives. See the BIG picture. Understand Why. Understand How. Then we can begin to heal.

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