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446: Programmed Purpose

I am realizing again recently how I have not effectively defined the word purpose for myself, and in that, not having a livable definition for it, I have been looking for it outside of myself. In this is an experience of wandering and waiting and lost… looking in a constant search for something, anything, that indicates it’s ‘my purpose’. Now while I’ve realized this before in my life, I was in fact always experiencing this point of lacking purpose as a clearly outlined direction, I have not addressed the separation I have lived in relation to this word – separating myself from the word ‘purpose’ as a LIVING WORD.

I listened to an Eqafe recording this evening, Creating Purpose,to support me in opening up this point more, and what I can see is that how human beings are programmed throughout their life (through family, education, environment, friends, society, etc), becomes their purpose, and so I was and have been living my purpose, though as a Mind Consciousness System – programmed to…