08 January 2016

435: Self-Presence and Participation

Today I was looking at what to write my blog about – or generally a point I could reflect on from the day. Again this thought, “I don’t have anything to write about.” Though that is a statement I no longer trust, and what I could see in that moment was one of the reasons it could possibly exist – that statement of “I have nothing to write about” is because of one’s presence throughout the day. Today I was not my most effective in terms of breathing, being aware of myself in each moment, I was more ‘going through the motions’ of the day. And I can see how from this, one wouldn’t have anything to write about because one wasn’t present in their day – they were not aware of the thoughts or reactions that come up, as they are just set to auto pilot, automatically running, and so not self-aware of what is going on in such a moment. So yes – one wouldn’t have the points to write about, because again, simply put, one wasn’t actually ‘here’ in their day.

So that is quite interesting… if one is not actively present in their day, there is not much to report on, or to reflect on, because basically one is the walking dead. When we are not breathing, present in our physical bodies, aware of what is going on around us as our environment – taking in, observing, introspecting as we move through the innumerable moments in a day, then we are not here, not living, not aware, not engaging or participating. We are just the batteries giving power to the mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be present through my day, actively engaging in each physical moment, as each physical breath, strengthening my presence here, as a self-directive being, and instead rather allowing the mind to take control, and basically falling asleep as my presence is not needed when one is/as/of the mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within the statement of “I don’t have anything to write about” due to my lack of participation throughout my day – not breathing, or embracing the moments I have that make up my day, and rather existing in auto-pilot, automatically running and taking commands from the mind, moving through the motions, but not actually alive, fully expressive, engaging, and participating

That is an interesting point – the participation. How often do we find ourselves talking to people, or in a conversation with others and are listening to them speak, but not actually HEARING the words, or the expression? Because we are not here. We are then not participating in the conversation, we are within our minds engaging in our own self-created reality that centers on ourselves, alone.

Or ever notice yourself reading, but have no idea what you are actually looking at – you move through the motions of moving your eyes along the sentences of the pages of the book, but you are not taking in, understanding, comprehending and reflecting on what you are reading, you are rather seeing the images in your mind. I know you can relate to this…. You always end up re-reading what you’ve just ‘read’ because you didn’t actually read it. You weren’t ‘here’. You were in the mind.

So just two examples, but quite apparent the difference between being here, in/as/of the physical, and being in the mind – running automatically, on auto-pilot, without any awareness of you, your body, or your surroundings – the actual reality that determines your existence.

So many of us exist this way, and don’t think twice about why. We simply accept that is who and how we are – it’s human nature, it’s just what we do. We have the mind and then this other reality we don’t pay as much attention to – physical reality.

I can see for myself the practice required to establish myself more here, as an active participant in this reality – in ALL that I do – so that I don’t miss a thing. So that I can ensure everything that goes on within me, and around me, is what is best – that is the responsibility I have as the reality of myself and that which I create from where I stand.

When and as I see myself not engaging, or fully participating within physical reality, and rather up in my head, seeing images and thoughts running, instead of standing fully present within my physical body, and so within this physical reality – I stop and I breathe. I see, realize, and understand the importance of me being here – of developing my self-awareness as a self-responsible human being that no longer exist within the mind reality that sees only me (such a limited reality) and rather stands in the absolute realness of this world where real human beings are necessary to be, to care and act and do in the interest of all – that is best for all

When and as I see myself using the excuse that I don’t have anything to write about, I stop and I breathe. I see, realize, and understand one of the reasons for this statement could be my lack of being present, as breath, throughout my day and is a red flag for me to start slowing down and grounding myself back in my physical – where I am responsible to become directive principle of me instead of giving the mind the power and authority to automatically direct me as moving me through the motions. I commit myself to become fully self-aware and present as directive principle through the process and practice of stopping every time I see myself engaged in the mind as thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and bring myself back to the physical body, breathing, in equality and oneness with all within/as/of this physical reality.

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