421: Karma - Leaving a Mark in the World


First thing I saw when looking at this word was ‘a mark’. So when you move the letters around, there exists ‘a mark’. And that is also essentially how one can look at the word and it’s definition. Karma is the mark you leave within this world – it’s the wake you leave behind wherever you go. It is how you influence the world around you, it is the mark you leave.

Now growing up, I always saw or defined the word karma as something you get back to you – whether you are good or bad, whatever happens to you, is your karma. It’s like the mark you leave in this world comes right back at you. Another way I’ve heard it said is, ‘what comes around, goes around’.

And now what's interesting about this is how, growing up, this word was always placed in the context of spite. Like ‘they will get what’s coming to them” or “karma’s a bitch”. Lol – always based within a reaction towards someone. Like if you disliked how a person behaved, or you felt personally attacked by someone, or just felt hurt or disgusted with them, it would be like a way to make yourself feel better, and even righteous in relation to them -  ‘karma will bite them in the ass’, kind of thing.

What I find most interesting about this is that while there are always consequences to our actions, and that we do in fact leave a ‘mark’ in this world based upon who we are and how we live, our nature has been of seeing this in the context of spite and to apparently be better than others. For instance, somehow we look down at other in our judgment of their ‘wrong doing’ and think, ‘they will get what they deserve’, without really considering what karma is, how we have defined it, and how we actually exist as karma ourselves. I mean is there any consideration of our own karma – our own mark we are leaving in this world? Or are we too busy worried about how another will get their karma that’s coming to them, we forget to see and realize our own responsibility – or how we actually in fact create our own karma?

The fact that we have used karma against each other, enjoying others potential bad fortune as ‘what they deserve’, we have not considered what this actually reveals about our own nature and who we are as a whole, and how that leaves a mark on this world as the karma we create. And of course how karma in fact exists as ‘do unto another as you would have done unto you’. That is a living principle, which if lived in a self-honest way, we would support each other to become aware of how we are living, what we do to each other, and how we are in fact living words, such a karma, and how that influence the world, and those in it, around us. How we live as the word Karma, for example, reveals a part of our Human Nature, and take a look - there exists spite. And so we create spite in this world our our own nature lived out, or own karma being created because what exists within each one, exists within all equally. 

Currently – our definition of karma is an example of how we live words, based on how we define them and use them in our day to day life, and how they exits within ourselves, as a point of separation – to keep each other separated, to see each other as separate from ourselves and to use it against each other in our imaginary war of trying to be better than others. The only reason we do this is because we know we are in fact not living in the most self-honest way, within our utmost potential, and within our own deceptive nature, we want others to suffer and we want to call others out on ‘their shit’ without taking into consideration our own responsibility.

So perhaps this can be a lesson to us all – to look at who we are as the words we live – how do you define karma? And how does that reflect the nature of yourself? Is it in relation to others and them getting what they deserve, like a form of punishment? How we define words is how we live words, and how we live worlds is who we are at our very fundamental level – and that is the starting point from which we created our whole world – equally, together.

And herein exists the solution. Redefine words – purify ourselves as the living word so that we no longer exist within spite as the words we speak and live, and instead find a practical, ‘best for all’ approach to how we express and interact with each other. Of course, this always starts with ourselves. So stop wishing for Karma to put other's in their place, and instead, find your own place within the responsibility you have to life equally. What is the mark you are leaving in this World?

A very cool definition was given for Karma which sums up the point nicely. Your starting point is the truth of who you are within all that you do, and the outflow as how you create your life.

Karma is a Sanskrit term that literally means "action" or "doing". In the Buddhist tradition, karma refers to action driven by intention (cetana), which leads to future consequences. 

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