410: Cat Punching Page Removed from Facebook... It Can't Stop There

Cat Punching.

I had not actually heard about such a thing. That this was actually a page on Facebook, promoting or showcasing such a thing as punching cats.

What I saw when researching a bit about it was that it was something that happened back in February and was a Facebook page created called “Valentines Day Event – Cat Punching”. There was an uproar about it and people demanded it be removed, which it was.

What I find most interesting about this is, yes, of course, animal abuse is absolutely atrocious, and yes of course, it should in no way be glorified or accepted for that matter, and so such a page should be removed. But to me what is most interesting is that 20,000 people can rally together, and act as a group, using the collect will and force to inflict awareness and demand a change in relation toward a particular point, yet when it comes to things that happen daily, which includes animal abuse, in the Real World, our group efforts cease to exist.

It’s like because we are so fond of cute little kitties on the web, playing with toys, and running around and we get all smiley and happy and a positive feeling about it – when that is challenged in showing another side of the story, another reality that is usually kept hidden away, we are appalled and demand it be removed. Though it still happens. Animals are still being abused, and people are still joking about punching cats in the face. We cannot have such a thing being so obvious to us, such as streaming in our news feeds.

The reality is cats are abused, so are many other animals. And we are not outraged as we were towards this Facebook group. We do not stand together and take action, collectively, to create change. We are mostly passive and apathetic when it comes to atrocities of our world, and we let shit slide… and part of that is due to this acceptance of ignorance is bliss and preferring to only see the 'positive'.

There are things that matter in this world, and all life is included… not just humans, and not just dogs or cats, ALL life in all it’s forms and shapes and expression are of equal value. Yet we want to create a fuss about a kitten being held up with someone holding a fist to it’s face.

Just because a page gets removed, doesn't mean the abuse stops. It’s just no longer in our face, we no longer have to see it, and thus we no longer care. That is the problem we currently face… “out of sight, out of mind.” When we are not directly facing the issues at hand, when we deliberately choose to ignore what is going on in our world and our responsibility within it, how our participation or lack of participation sustains this existence we call life and how we treat each other, let alone animals, when we can distract ourselves from having to face the truth of what humanity has come to be and accept and allow… then we will never realize what it will take to finally stop and change.

First things first, we must face it. We must be self-honest and SEE what is going on in this world. Taking a page down doesn't stop the abuse… stopping the inner abuse, the inner abuser will stop the outflow as the whole. Change the inner to change the outer, equal as one. 

From my perspective, people coming together to decide to remove  page as  statement of no longer tolerating it on facebook, is great, yet it must not stop there. Blaming the abusers doesn't stop the abusers. Understanding WHY people abuse, what goes on in the mind of one that decides torturing or hurting animals is worth the time and energy, is something to understand and investigate if we are to ever stop it from happening.

That is where Desteni comes in. A group of individuals from all of the world coming together, practicing and implementing very simplistic principles into their lives that promote self-awareness, life in equality, self-responsibility, self-honesty, understanding WHO WE ARE as the Mind and the changing of the human nature we are outraged by daily. Become part of the solution. Investigate Desteni... investigate your own Mind.

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