405: Practical Reality Considerations - Prioritizing

Yesterday I noticed a cool point come up within me. I had a lot of responsibilities staring at me during the day – a lot of things requiring my attention. Not because I had allowed them to pile up or because of some lack of responsibility created such a consequence – simply the timing of things and before me were many things needed to get done.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

I am currently in the process of getting my work permit for Canada – and am in the final stages of the approval process. I got a few documents that I required yesterday to continue on with it, and two weeks to get them completed and submitted. Within this – I felt this urgency come up like I wanted to ‘get it done NOW’. Though – I also had some others things I needed to do… I am hosting a hangout this week that needed some attention in terms of sorting out some technical issues, and going over the material/topic for the hangout, I had some e-mails to get to in order to organize some points, I also have my sisters birthday this week, which I also needed to do a few things for in preparation.

So that was me during the day – looking at the list of things I needed to do, in the time frame I had, and by the way – I had to go to work that evening. So I felt a bit restricted and overwhelmed. Though – what I could see was that the overwhelming-ness was coming up due to working on the work permit application. What I realized or rather asked myself in this moment when I could see anxiety come up in relation to ALL that I had to do was this, “What is priority?” And then I looked at what I needed to do, and the time frame for them all and from there – determined which needed my attention first and which not.

So while I wanted to work on the permit application first, that was not yet necessary as I had two weeks, and there other things that needed to be done during that day and within the next few days, so had a deadline quicker than the permit. So the permit got put to the bottom of the list, and everything else due during that day and the next day was bumped to the top.

This was cool because within me was that point of practical consideration – what is priority – what is most important in terms of needed to be done first. This is something I got a lot of practice with during school, and in general since walking my Desteni I Process – learning how to work with physical reality, what is most practical. So putting aside my wants that are really just fears (like getting that permit application in QUICK in fear of me not getting it/missing the deadline) – I had to let that go for a moment because other things are of more importance in terms of when they needed to be done.

So learning how to stop emotions/feelings from determining how you direct yourself and your life, and allowing considerations to step forth that are practical and of priority has been a cool change I've noticed within me. Doing what is necessary to be done in this moment.
Another gem of an application supporting me to become the most efficient and effective being I can be in this life; getting grounded in physical reality and directing myself based on principles that sustain a self-responsible nature, rather than an emotional reaction drive based in fear. Principles before Preferences.

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