22 March 2015

404: Digging Deeper into the Death Penalty

Talking more about the death penalty, I did a bit of research as I was intrigued by the topic and it’s history and origins within humanity.

The death penalty, I’m sure like all punishments for breaking the law, stands as a deterrent – something put into place to be carried out as punishment if one were to do or participate in certain acts and behaviors. Though… throughout the history of mankind, crimes are still committed and these deterrents do not show any relief in the amount of crimes existing.

So then one must consider… if the threat of death or being put in jail for the rest of one’s life does not stop one from acting out certain behavior, is it really doing it’s job effectively? Or is there something else we are missing? I mean to have the death penalty or life in prison be the reason that keeps one from committing a crime yet people commit crimes still… there must be something else we are not considering in terms of WHY certain behaviors exist.

Though, from my perspective, this would also bring into question the laws or ‘crimes’ being committed and the starting point for them being acted out. For example – someone robs a bank…. Why? Is it really for simply the thrill of it? Or does it have to do with what they are actually going for, like money? If one were not put into a constant state of fear of no money, do you think robbers would exist? Or if a lavish lifestyle was presented as the ‘best life on earth’ yet kept at a distance from the majority of people who ‘have not’ – would the desire for more money exist?

Another example – when someone is in a moment filled with an emotion of anger or jealousy or rage… do you think the consequences of their actions are considered? Why not? I mean we see it all the time – someone kills someone because of some emotional reaction that ‘took over’ and left them ‘blacked out’. I mean this is a serious condition happening within humanity.. where we have no control over our emotions and feelings to the point where we cannot see or think clearly or rationally to say to ourselves, 'hey look, now if I do this act, that I am picturing myself doing, there are some series consequence. I may have to spend the rest of my life behind bars or even put to death.” Of course this is not considered in the mind of someone acting out in a moment of rage… because they are consumed and possessed by that emotion to the point where that emotion direct them to act in an interest that does not serve them or anyone, but only the emotions being experienced.

Now this is a problem of the mind, of how humans are conditioned and programmed to exist… this is a problem that in itself, if addressed, can act as a deterrent or preventative measure from crimes such as murder to exist. If there existed an education that taught someone what their mind is, who they are as their mind, what emotions and feelings are, what energy as emotions and feelings can potentially do to oneself and one’s body.. I mean if we were taught about the consequences of allowing our minds to direct us rather than ourselves in self-awareness and within principles direct us, perhaps we would see and realize there is no need for the death penalty or life in jail to act as a deterrent.. because in this, we are not just addressing the ‘bad behavior’, we are addressing what CAUSE the bad behavior stems from.

Which is what I brought up in the previous blog… that people do not act in certain ways because of no apparent reason. There is ALWAYS a reason/cause/source/origin/starting point for WHY people do what they do. Whether that’s fear, desire, lust, greed, envy, rage, anger, jealousy – you name it, these are all things that exist within us because we have not been educated on who we are as a being and as a mind. We have not learned about the interconnectedness that exists within us all, we did not learn about living principles that are best for all, we did not learn about our life’s potential. Instead, we were taught to live in self-interest, to define ourselves according to how we feel, and what we experience as our emotions, and to trust those experiences as valid and worth nurturing. We have not learned about our physical bodies being the real beings we are, we have not learned that our actions have consequences. We have not learned how to take self-responsibility for ourselves, and we have not learned to give as we would like to receive. We have learned spite, and an eye for an eye and revenge. We have not learned by our mistakes or that doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, is the definition of insanity. We have not learned how to question ourselves or our world as a whole - we have learned to accept what is here as simply the way it is, no questions asked.

The death penalty and life in jail does not solve any of the problems we have that are the reason for these things in the first place. So we must dig deeper, and find the real root as to why certain behaviors exist. It is not by chance and we are not victims of circumstance as who we are as human nature. We are the creators of our nature, and every generation before is the leader into the next generation – living by examples of how life exists on earth.

Desteni and the principles presented are the key to understanding who we have become as our Minds and how, in our lack of self-awareness and abdication to self-responsibility, we have created a chaotic world where emotions and feelings run rampant and the consequences are that of murder, the death penalty, wars, poverty, rape, child abuse, abuse to the environment, profit over life… all things existing within a self interest that does not care about the physical world or life that ALL are equally a part of. Not until we understand ourselves, our minds, and why we experience what we do as our positive feelings and negative emotions, will be begin to see the error of our ways; that we have complicated life on earth and created it to exist as a contradiction, when really we can simplify everything while creating a harmony that serves the interest of all.

Consider this – why do we have so many laws that dictate what is right and wrong? And how come these laws do nothing in stopping human behavior that clearly isn't best for all. What is missing? To blame humanity is not the solution, saying “it’s just the way it is”. It’s just the way it is because we have created it to be that way. And only when we start digging into our own nature will we see the reflection mirroring what we see in the whole of humanity/this world. Perhaps then we will realize we will have to be the ones to change.

Investigate Desteni. Investigate yourself.

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