402: Cyber-Bullying


The internet is just another medium in which we used to inflict abuse and harm onto each other. The stakes have been raised though, as the lack of accountability runs rampant and the anonymous become bolder to say and do things they could never in the face of their victims.

How can you support yourself when being bullied online? What is important for you to know about the nature of bullying to help understand why it exists and how you can help change it by changing yourself. How can bullying give you insight to yourself and how can the Desteni I Process support you to do just that? These are just some of the things we will be discussing in this Desteni I Process LIVE Google Hangout. 

My experience with online bullying consisted of a few YouTube comments here and there, that fortunately I never had the extreme experience of allowing it to influence me. I was already prepared through walking the Desteni I Process – the tools of breathing, and self-awareness, self-honesty and self-forgiveness – of not allowing my emotions to rise up and not take what other people say personally. So though I never experienced the harshness of bullies online, I was exposed to how to handle myself in such situation where it would come up slightly and for future reference.

The consequences are extreme though, we've all heard the news of people taking their lives because of the way bullying has escalated. We are not equipped to handle the abuse we allow towards each other and so our consequence of not understanding ourselves, our minds, and so each other and each other’s mind is the diminishing of life to the point of death.

Desteni, as a group, orchestrated an Anti-Hate Campaign a few years ago, where we addressed the mis-information, lies and blatant abuse coming from others towards Desteni. This for me was a very cool practice to be a part of, as it allowed me to practice being rational, and bring through common sense to what was being said about Desteni as a Group – how when one stop their mind, their thoughts, their emotions and feelings, and their self-interest and see for REAL what is behind the words we use as weapons, we see there is no logic or grounding to what bullies represent and should not allow to influence who we are or how we experience ourselves.

In this – the power was given back to ourselves, where we no longer feel as victims to what others say, but can put into perspective what is being said and why. Then we have understanding. Understanding why someone would want to bully another, and there we can have forgiveness. Though forgiveness can only be within self/towards self, through this – one can let go of the emotional turmoil created in the construct of being bullied and start seeing how self-empowerment is only a breath away and within that, the game of bullying can no longer be played. It’s all about what you participate in. You either feed the fire as participating in the back and forth of bullying, or by internalizing it within yourself as if it’s even worth your time, or you stop, breathe and stand up and no longer accept and allow yourself to participate. You investigate any reactions you have towards yourself, and you stop blaming the bully as you realize how our world supports the nature of bullying and until ALL take self-responsibility to stop the bullying we do to ourselves and others, will bullying no longer exist. May take a while, but 1+1 it can be done. 

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