10 February 2015

392: The Desteni of Living - Living My Utmost Potential

About 50 blogs ago I shared a list of Principles that were my Declaration of how I am and would continue to Live my Life. Being that I have done some blogs now looking at the word Purpose and how I've related to the word and how I committed myself to Living a Life of Principles, as I see being the starting point for living Purpose, I see now would be as good of time as any to walk through those Principles, one by one, looking at each in how I am understanding it, how I live it, whether I am actually living it, and how I am able to implement them in my living actions.

So let's just get right into it.

The first principle listed in The Desteni of Living is 'Realizing and Living my utmost Potential'.

For me I have come to see this principle to mean that I have for all of my life lived in a way where I diminished myself in almost everything I do, based within who I was. The source of this self-diminishment existent within my thoughts, feelings and emotions - basically who I was in relation to Everything.

I often saw myself inferior to others, I had insecurities about my looks, and my intelligence, and my economic statues. I formed destructive, addictive habits to weed, drinking, relationships, entertainment, avoiding responsibilities, lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, judging and the list goes on. I never thought much of myself, in all honesty, yet it was never something I considered I could change or would change.

Realizing and Living my utmost Potential, to me, implies that I do not accept anything less than what is best for me, and this best for me being within the context of living principles - being self honest with myself in terms of what I am experiencing; what thoughts I have, how I feel about things, looking at the why and the what that cause me to express and act in ways that in some way or another compromise me. Living my utmost potential implies that I do not allow of myself anything that does not serve me as what is best for all - so developing integrity and respect and trust and love within myself. Not allowing myself to think negative things about myself, not to judge myself or others. Realizing the Equality in all things and so honoring that in this Life as the Life of All.

Not allowing myself to procrastinate, or put off responsibilities. Not allow myself to stay in the same comfort zone simply for the fact that I think it's 'too hard' to do something I've never done before. To practice skills that will support me to be more effective in this world, like communication and social interactions, reading, writing, and learning new vocabulary.

Stopping my feelings and emotions around any aspect of myself or my life as I've come to see that emotions and feelings are irrational and unnecessary and only keep me from seeing the real point I may be facing or the actual solutions to any problem that may arise.

Realizing and Living my utmost potential is to expect from myself what I expect from others, and do do unto others what I would have done unto me. So not seeing myself as more or less than any other being existent, and instead Seeing the Equality and so the ability to stand in another's shoes and ask myself, 'Could I live the Life they are living, or would I have this be done unto me.'

To me this is realizing and living my utmost potential - pushing myself beyond any perceived limitation I have imposed on myself within my own mind as the thoughts I think and the ideas I come up with.

A more practical example would be going back to school and getting my degree. I never allowed myself to get really serious with myself and direct myself through completing a degree because I gave myself as many excuses as I could to justify why it didn't matter. Or always being on time for work, and not allowing myself to gossip about others. Or saying yes to hosting google hangouts, while the fear and resistance was there that was absolutely convincing that I should NOT do it, doing it any way because I could see the support for me to face aspects of my mind that kept me from doing such a thing. Realizing that fear isn't real, resistances are not real, that who I really am is a being that is willing and wanting to live self-responsibility, in consideration of others as myself, and truly able to express myself in each moment without any ounce of hesitation that keeps me back from actually Living for Real. For Real meaning without the energy of positive highs or negative lows pushing or pulling me in one direction or another - but learning what it means to live in Self-Awareness, as stability, consistency and self-directive in the decisions I make and why I make them - always being in the starting point of what is best for myself and so what is best for all.

Simply put - to not accept anything less of myself then who I really am due to a want, need or desire that has no real relevance to what it means to Live practically and physically in this Reality.

To do what I say I will do, to not think bad about others or myself, to not have a hidden agenda or secret thoughts that I could not dare to share with others. To realize that I have throughout my whole life waited for a key to unlocking an expression within me that I knew was here yet I believed I never had access to - and to instead BE the Key to Myself as the point in which I have been waiting for, realizing that I am all that I have, I am alone within and as myself and so I hold the power to re-creating myself to be the best version of Me. And I have the tools to which I can use, writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-commitment statements and self-corrective application - always seeing myself in each moment as the 'who I am' within all that I do and making sure that the I Am that stands is the I Am that I can face without shame, regret, guilt, remorse, sorrow or disappointment. Living in such a way where I am satisfied that I gave it all in this Life to Change myself from being the Nature that reflects a World that is not best for All.

So it's a working progress and a Journey to Life - though through the years I have seen my potential come through, I have developed seeing that I am capable of so much more than I ever allowed of myself... that when it comes down to it, I simply stop in a moment, breathe and make that decision to Direct myself in ways that I see are necessary and of benefit to not only myself but to others as well.

Realizing and Living my Utmost Potential is to never Give up on myself and Stand Up, every day, as the Statement of Who I am, what I will accept and allow and what I wont accept and allow and never allowing anything less of myself than who I really am. To see that My thoughts, words and deeds have consequence for myself and for others and so for Life as a Whole and so to Live my Utmost potential is to take my place as One that Stands Self-Responsible for whats to Come from me in This Life. To never allow myself to give myself any excuse as to Why I am not living to the best of my ability within these principles that not only support me, but others we well, to realizing and Living our utmost potential.

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