27 December 2014

381 - Sleep Much? Consider this...

I'm going to continue on with the support from the Atlanteans, though this time in relation to Mind Tiredness vs Physical Tiredness.

I have been facing this point of 'sleeping' and 'naps' within my process for quite some time, and while for a bit I was not napping or sleeping unnecessary, it seems I have fallen back into the pattern and see the consequence it can create in my own life in terms of the time I'm giving to sleeping, as well as what I am actually accepting and allowing within myself in such a pattern of naps.

And so I went to the Atlanteans for support. There is a two part recording on this specific topic, and so tonight's blog I will touch on the points mentioned within that interview, which of course, already shed some light/perspective on what is actually going on in 'wanting to sleep' and how I can begin to change myself, beginning with starting to understand myself within sleeping/napping.

The first point that came through in the interview that really made sense to me was in relation to how we experience the 'tiredness' point as being a statement we make within ourselves of "I am tired." First - we, without question accept this statement within ourselves and so usually follow along as the pattern plays out to then make a decision to sleep. Yet what if we for that moment, instead considered where we are physically tired? Often times when I make that decision to nap, or sleep during the day, it is due to this heavy experience in my eye lids, where it's as if there are weights on them forcing them to shut. It is quite limited in terms of that sensation of being tired to be that within only my eyes, and so what if I stopped in that moment and checked with the rest of my physical body? Here I can see that while there have been times when the physical body as a WHOLE requires rest or sleep, the major point of the 'problem' within my sleeping habit is when I'm strictly feeling that tiredness within only my eyes, and that's a cool reference mentioned as knowing it is a Mental Tiredness, not a physical tiredness.

Though - it is a mental tiredness manifesting within the physical as the consequence of participating within the mental reality (thoughts, feelings and emotions). The main points mentioned in the interview was when one participate too much in stress, fear and anxiety, this accumulates an energy wherein then the Physical body will 'force' the mind to slow down if you will, through manifesting the weight on the eyes, where it's the body suggesting the Mind or Self as the Mind to slow down it's participation. So here, the Body offering support, despite our lack of considerations for it as a Whole, as indicating we are too busy in our minds and not participating enough within the breath as/of Life. Something I can now bring with me as I start facing this point for myself; the awareness/understanding that the physical tiredness I feel within my eyes when I 'want to sleep' is due to a consequence of my participation within stress, fear and anxiety. Which brings me to the next point:

When that moment of consequence manifests within my eyes, here I have never really considered to stop and look and take responsibility for what I have CREATED. As that moment of heavy eyes and the desire to then sleep indicate a consequence created through my participation within stress, fear and anxiety, it would be to then investigate Myself in terms of where/how/why/when am I participating within such points of stress, fear, and anxiety. That is where I can take responsibility for myself, what I accept and allow within me, and so what I create, instead of just then going to sleep and allowing a pattern to develop wherein I think about and worry about stress, fear and anxiety and then manifest the heavy/sleeping experience in the eyes, then sleep and then repeat. Rather here I can stop and sort out this point through investigating/revealing/understanding it's origins as the moments I accept and allow myself to participate within fear, stress, and anxiety. And so revealing the power within me to actually change this habit rather than allowing it to continue to play out and create further consequences in my life that can/will/have extended to beyond just my physical body, life for instance the time I use to sleep rather than doing something that is more supportive/productive for me in my life and self-development.

The next point within this that I found to be of much support was the consideration of the Physical Body and how it functions. Consider this for a moment: What if you heart decided "it's too tired to take the next beat?" Or if  your blood started saying "I don't want to move myself throughout the body, I'd rather just rest and sit here and not move myself" Hello - we would be dead. And so now consider standing in the shoes of your physical body and having the same expression of consistency, discipline and self-movement? This I can see I am cutting myself off from due to allowing this personality develop that exists within the statement of "I am too tired, I don't feel like it, I want to sleep". So again, the Physical body being the prime example of living to it's utmost potential, doing what is necessary to be done, and always existing within the consideration of what is best for all because again imagine one organ in your body going into the statement of "I don't want to do anything today" and refuses to function within it's utmost potential? What consequence would this have on the rest of your organs, your body as a whole, and you as the ability to Live? So really - I can see how just how much I have separated myself from my physical body as the living example of expressing to my full potential, as being what is best for all(me) and how wow - within this, truly that my body is a temple standing as the greatest teacher I have ever known and I have not given one ounce of consideration and care to it.

So a tough lesson in a way in terms of facing what I've accepted and allowed within me as the statement of "I want to rest/I am tired." How this is in fact a manipulation of myself (which was also mentioned in the interview) wherein I use this tiredness-manifested consequence to not take responsibility for myself as well as a resistance to not step up to becoming Equal to and One with my Physical Body as the potential it has to Express, Live, and Do what is Best for All.

This pattern of sleeping/tiredness/napping has gone on for much too long and it's time for me to take responsibility for myself as the creator. So some points here that were eye-opening in the recording I listened to tonight regarding the responsibility I have as Who I am within Sleeping and starting the process of change to applying Sleep as a Practical Support rather than a Mental Desire.

Will continue with the second recording in the blog to follow...

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