11 December 2014

378: Instead of Giving Up - Embrace Change in the Challenge

In continuing with the series of recordings I've been listening to, as well as the blogs I've shared in relation to what I've realized and applied for myself when facing the experience of 'giving up' - the third recording from the Atlantean's proved to be yet again supportive.

The point I would like to discuss here in relation to this 3rd recording in the series is the correction, or rather expansive point they made in relation to the title of the series, "Giving Up" - to "Giving up on Yourself." Because that is essentially what we are doing when we give up on something we are doing, or learning, or attempting to implement in our life, or to change; when we want to give up, we are not giving up on that particular 'thing' - we are in fact giving up on ourselves based on an idea that "it's not working" or "I can't do this" or "It's not worth it."

So while we might like to think we are giving up DUE to something outside of ourselves 'not working' - the truth is, it's OURSELVES we are giving up on, it's ME that thinks and believe "I can't do it", and then easily project the 'problem' to be on something outside of ourselves. Yet consider this - have we ever attempted to change ourselves IN RELATION to what we are doing, so that we no longer give validity to the experience we have that is conjured within our minds as our thoughts, feelings and emotions and instead look at things practically, realistically, and with common sense?

This point of giving up had become a habit in my life wherein I would allow myself to only go so far before I would 'throw in the towel' and turn my complete attention and direction around. I use to feel shitty about myself for such a pattern I observed to emerge throughout my life, yet through walking the principles of Desteni and the tools as a point of self-support to in fact change myself, I am understanding more the nature of 'giving up' and what is behind the facade of thoughts that suggest it doesn't really matter to continue, or that it's more than me and I should just quit, or even the seemingly innocent justifications as to why it doesn't matter to keep at it (whatever that 'it' may be).

And the nature of Giving up, while it may seem to be so concrete and justified, is only ever an act of giving up on OURSELVES. And this is exactly what we've done in accepting and allowing our Mind to take the wheel of our life. When we accept and allow our thoughts, imaginations, desires, fears, resentments, guilt, hate, self-interest - emotions and feelings as energies determine who we are and what we do, we have given up on ourselves, ourselves as a being, as a self-aware body/presence that is Here and equal to and one with All life, that exists within a point of pure potential. We have moved so far from our selves as even the physical body, and this physical earth (as a body) due to this exact point of giving up - we give up our right to life as the living potential that exists within each because somehow we have come to accept ourselves to be only our Minds; driven by positive and negative energies. More simply put - we gave up our breath of life, as the awareness and self-directive principle HERE in every moment for the pictures, images and flashy colors of our mind. We (humanity and what we have created on Earth as 'life') have become the very manifestation of giving up on ourselves, and so each other.

To end this blog, I followed this writing up with a word in which emerged that seemed to be what I was living out in relation to 'giving up'. That was the word Challenge and how every time that word came up within me, the door to give up opened and I would always take that route.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wish I could quit an action/responsibility/job/task at hand as a point of thinking I will be no good at it anyway, instead of practically, physically walking the point/testing it out myself and thus see for real if it will work out or not

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to always quit/give up as the mere thought of something being challenging, instead of seeing the point as an opportunity to change


Change is in the challenge, as daring myself to expand and explore what I am actually, practically capable of.

When and as I see myself wanting to give up/quit whenever I perceive something to be challenging, I stop and I breathe. I see, realize, and understand that the challenge is in relation to who I've accepted and allowed myself to be and if I take on/walk through/embrace the challenge, I am changing me as expanding myself as what I am potentially capable of and thus no more accepting and allowing myself to "remain the same" and rather move past that which keeps me there, which I also see, realize, and understand is simple my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, fears, ideas, beliefs, future projections and imaginations existing within myself/my mind.

I commit myself to exist in physical space and time as actually, practically doing/apply myself with that which I define as challenging to see who and what I am really and of and so...

I commit myself to embrace challenges in my life as the opportunity to change as I see there is CHANGE in the CHAlleNGE

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