13 November 2014

377: What to Realize When your Mind Seems More Active

Continuing on the series I am walking currently with the Atlantean Interivews in relation to Giving up, specifically the second interview in this series, "Giving Up: Understanding" - there was a second part I wanted to touch on in this blog.

The first part was in relation to the trust and belief we place into our minds/our thoughts/how we speak internally to ourselves (back chats) and you can see the self-forgiveness process I walked in relation to that specific point in my previous blog.

Here though a point I would like to discuss, which was mentioned in this second interview from the Atlanteans is in relation to the tsunami that we can experience within our minds when facing specific points.

First - an example for context:

When I first started investigating Desteni and the tools of breathing, writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective application I found, not to long after applying these tools, a flood of reactions coming up within my mind. I noticed just how busy my mind was; there was a constant stream of thoughts, and images and back chats, and future projections and energies as emotions and feelings coming up; I felt as if I was being bombarded by the mind and within this, felt so overwhelmed and lost within it all. I was taken aback as I thought what the hell - here I am finally attempting to become more aware of myself in every moment, to take responsibility for who I was within my mind, to actually get a grip on my experience wherein I could walk more stability rather then the highs and lows I experienced throughout my life, and yet my mind was erupting in a way I had never experienced, like I could not in anyway slow myself down or stop the stampede that was happening within my mind.

What I later was supported to see and could see for myself was that that chaotic experience I was seeing within myself/my mind was nothing that was new - it was nothing that just started since walking my process - it has always existed that way yet I was only now in a position of allowing myself to become aware of it. It was like I opened my eyes for the first time and could see the extent to which I had given up who I was to the existence of the mind; that I was so limited to exist ONLY within my mind that that space within my head was what was busy moving, expanding, existing and only then was I able to see the extent to which I had placed ALL of myself into and as my mind.

And this is exactly the point in which the Atlanteans were speaking about in this second interview series in relation to Giving Up. When we are busy walking a process, doing our writings and self forgiveness, and self corrective application we are busy essentially opening up the point we are facing. In the interview they give the example of correcting nervousness as an experience around others and while one is busy getting to know the nature of this nervousness (can be any point one is facing), and busy finding out what is triggering it, motivating it, the thoughts and back chats that sustain it, and the energies that exist within it - when one is busy getting to know all these dimensions, one is basically opening one's eyes to seeing what is actually Here, and so in that, shedding light on the point, opening it up for ourselves and in doing that, we are opening the flood gates sort to speak.

So it can seem like all of a sudden there is more to this point we are facing/working with; there are more memories, or more reactions, or the energy as emotions and feeling seems to become so much more influential, yet it's nothing new, it's simply ourselves opening ourselves up to what is actually here; what has always been here. And this is another way in which we (as the mind) can manipulate ourselves into giving up - the tornado that can be unleashed when we are walking certain points can feel overwhelming and absolutely impossible to stop and correct - yet within this is where we must find the resolve to stand stable, realizing our ability and potential to walk through it; to stand as the eye of the storm - to stand in the center of ourselves/our minds/the inner storm brewing and to find our stability to walk it through - to not in fact give up, but to rather see we are more than able to stop, breathe and direct ourselves through the storm to calmer skies.

So I could absolutely relate to this point mentioned in the Atlantean series and how despite the chaos we create internally - we have the ability to slow ourselves down and in fact STOP what is going on. Yes it can take a process, yet we have the tools to apply ourselves, and the awareness to see, realize, and understand that we are not creating anything new within our minds, instead we are seeing for the first time the extent to which we have separated ourselves into/as our minds, which can be disheartening, yet the point of this interview and of this blog is to realize that it doesn't have to be more than us. We can make that decision to stabilize ourselves in the face of any turbulence, whether internally or externally, and find the resolve to change ourselves in relation to what we face so that nothing moves or sways us from the realization that despite the chaos, I am here, I am breath, and I am stability and so to walk our process through the mind within such a starting point.

The defense mechanisms of the mind seem vast and cunning, yet through our self-awareness and self-diligence to apply ourselves and to NOT give up on ourselves, we are capable of amazing change. And so in that inner-storm exists another gift. The awareness we are allowing of ourselves to seeing even more of who we are, how we exist, the problems we've created and so in that, the solution/change/correction we can live.

I suggest anyone interested in learning how to walk as the eye of the inner and outer storm, to take the free online course, Desteni I Process Lite, wherein you learn the tools to walk yourself to stability, and how to direct yourself and your life in ways where you no longer feel like things are too much, or more than you, but that you in fact have directive power to lead yourself in ways that are most supportive.

In the blogs to follow, I will continue with the process I'm walking with the support of the Atlanteans Series, "Giving Up."

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