29 August 2014

364: How to Live Harmoniously with Others

Keeping on with the topic I have been writing about in the last few blogs, today I want to discuss the point of 'living with others' and the responsibility we have within that.

Obviously creating and inflicting war and destruction on others is not a responsible way of living with others; the carelessness, the lack of concern or even consideration we have in such a move screams with the inhumanity we've allowed on this planet.

So what is going on? Why does it seem as there is no real care for life on this planet? When there is nothing but a vast diversity of life here, we seem to not take notice or care of that. So what is it that we care about? Ourselves? Our individuality? Our power? Our position? Our Life - is that more important than another? I mean are these things even real? And how does such a stance or position effect others around us; those we must LIVE with?

We all must co-exist on a daily basis, our comings and goings very much depend on others doing their part and contributing to the whole so that our world/system can function accordingly. So what is missing from our current situation that produce such things as war, or starvation, or some to have more than enough and others to have barely enough - where we are so clearly not functioning cooperatively and in a sustaining, best for all manner; that we are in fact not considering those around us, those that we live with?

Looking at my own experience and widening it to the greater picture, what we are missing is that point of self-responsibility and accountability. When one's actions become hidden behind a country, or a politic view, or a religious belief, or a back chat/thought in our mind where it's easy to justify why we do what we do - there is no accountability. It's easy to drop bombs when you are not staring into the children that are on the receiving end as it's also easy to talk shit and make judgments about others in our reality in the secrecy of our own minds, or behind their back when we are not staring them straight into the eyes and thus standing accountable and responsible for what we are saying/expressing.

Why and how is it so easy to back chat and talk smack about someone in your mind, waging mini wars in the mind through venomous words that are meant to strike and cause pain? And, how has it become so easy to continue on with war, of actually striking and physically attacking other groups of people, deliberately to cause pain and destruction, and death?

I mean, this planet, this Earth is one big HOME, and together, we are the roommates living in the environment. Are we existing in such a way where the home life is harmonious, where each are self-responsible for themselves, accountable for their actions, and living by a principle that would support in such harmony - as do unto others what you would have unto yourself?

Clearly not - clearly self-interest, ego, and the belief that we are separate, as "my actions do not have a consequence or effect on others", still exists to the extent where we will actually KILL each other; I mean it is a complete disregard for another's Life. Has anyone stopped and wonder what the hell, I mean that is so strange, so unacceptable, so unnecessary when our HOME has the resources and we have the technology to ensure ALL are considered, as equals, in our living environment and that war, starvation, poverty, lack of basic necessities is absolutely, in all ways, unnecessary. We have the ability to create a harmonious living environment for All, so why are we not? And why are more people NOT asking these questions?

Imagine if you were to be living in a house with 2 others, and one does not take into consideration the SHARED environment. They leave a mess where ever they go, they eat all your food, they are up all night making loud noises. I mean this obviously would create tensions in the house, as one is taking into consideration only themselves and thus not being responsible or holding themselves accountable for their participation in the living environment where OTHERS exist as well.

So this goes the same for Earth, as our HOME. There are many others here, and yet there are so many who have no clue as to what it means to live the word responsible, accountable, and considerate. Yet, if each one played their part - took it upon themselves to live in a way where the potential of not only themselves was honored, but then the potential of others, we would have a much different way of the world. Because that is what it means to live your full potential - by holding yourself accountable for who you are, and how you live, and how that effects the rest of the people around you. That is to uplift yourself and so others, because you are directing yourself in such a way where the principle lived is to 'do unto another that you would have done unto you' and 'giving as you would like to receive' - I mean these are principles that are Best for All - and so applying them, and making them a part of our life, day in and day out, we are then in the process of transforming our world to one that is Best for All, and obviously that would then be supporting Life's Potential, as humanity, to flourish.

Obviously one cannot force anyone to change. That change must come from within and who you are, and I can say for myself that it's been something I only learned later in my twenties; what it means to be responsible for myself, to hold myself accountable as a +1 in all situations and to not accept anything less of myself than what I see I am fully capable of. Which is strange in and of itself - that only after 25 years did I finally learn principles that benefit not only ME, but others around me as well, and that when applied, allow me to be a point of support for not only myself, but others as well. Because when I take that point of responsibility unto my self, and I ensure that I live and exist in such a way where I could face any and all beings, and I put myself in the shoes of another, I mean that example has an impact... because it doesn't exist in our world. And so we show another way to life and living, and how the lack of care we have inflicted on each other is not actually our real nature, as we are able to change our nature, simply by changing our perception, our thought patterns, how we interact with others, and how we apply ourselves in a moment to moment living; whether we are diminishing ourselves or living to our potential into the very best version of ourselves. After all, we only have this one life, why not push ourselves to become the BEST we can be, and so support in others being the BEST they can be, and so stop waging wars with each other, stop judging and diminishing each other, stop being selfish and greedy in relation to others, and instead creating an environment for ALL where ALL can develop their potential, and see what is actually here as the vast expression of Life on Earth.

Take the responsibility that is yours to change yourself and so your world. Investigate the Desteni I Process and Living Income Guarantee as the two points that move towards implementing solutions in everyone's life, individually and collectively. We have quite the road ahead of us as we transform our nature from that of inhumane to Real Humanity - so let's get this process started.

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