27 August 2014

363: YOU are the Key to Stopping War

In the last few blogs, I had been giving direction and taking responsibility for a particular reaction I had in relation to someone I live with. The titles of each of the blogs are quite specific and relates to a point I often ponder for myself, when taking a look at what is currently going on in the world.

The pattern that manifests War in our World. That is the first blog, and that is the point in seeing how the inner of us all, creates the outer of this world. Our world, our reality is an external manifestation of who each on is within/as themselves. One can see this simply in the fact that when, taking myself as an example, when I feel 'personally attacked' by someone else, the first reaction is to 'fight back' - is to do to them what they have done to me, to 'attack back'. I mean that is clearly how wars work. Or where we think we must display some form of aggression to let another know 'we are serious' and 'we can do harm' and to not mess with us, basically.

So I can see clearly how I am equally responsible for the wars that exist on Earth these days - because it still exists within me. That is then where we can see that WE are responsible for what is HERE, what is happening day to day for the lives of everyone - because internally, we are all participating in the same patterns throughout our days; in our relationships with others people.

I cannot expect to do anything about the Wars in the World until I take responsibility for the Wars in my Mind. So that is of course the starting point always, SELF first - change yourself and you can change the world.

More on war - I often wonder how it is that we continue to accept war as a part of life on Earth - like looking at it objectively and from the 'outside' it's like such a strange thing. It's quite absurd actually - I mean here we are, humans attempting and trying to claim power over others and use violence, death, and destruction to do it. I mean - the point that I consider makes this so absurd is the fact that imagine if countries or nations were young children - would you accept and allow them to use violence against each other? I mean really young, still learning to walk, you see one hit another and you of course say, "No - that is not okay." Because it's not, because we KNOW that violence is NOT the answer, that we can in fact solve our problems with stability, directiveness and through communication; we know that we can and must simply get along and learn how to co-exist peacefully. So what is the deal with us adults? With us humanity as a whole? Why do we continue to accept and allow ourselves and each other to use violence against each other to prove some kind of point, or to remain somehow superior, or to assert our power? I mean - wtf is going on here? It's also like this weird timeline where War is part of the old world, things you read about in history - something you would not consider that we continue to believe we must succumb to when we have advanced so much in other areas. I mean can we not move past our petty bickering and start acting like grown ups, where we actually GROW up and stop diminishing ourselves to fighting when we know that is not the solution?

It is clear we have come far and long enough to see, realize and understand that WAR is ridiculous, unnecessary and absolutely, in all ways, unacceptable. It should simply not exist.

And yet it does.

So what does that imply?

Collectively, as a whole, we as humanity, each on an individual level are still participating in the patterns of war. We each are responsible, as I mentioned previously - we each accept and allow an internal conflict towards others, and ourselves, that then of course that pattern would flow from ourselves and into the greater. So each one is the key - the answer - the solution to stopping War and ridding it from existence completely. Yet it will take all as one to get this done. Can seem daunting, the fact that we require all of humanity to stop the inner wars and thus stop the outer wars - yet here sitting in this life, each of us, is the opportunity to be the +1 that is necessary to actually do this. I realize that I cannot wait for another to stop the wars, and I cannot hope and wish and pray that wars stop, because in that I am missing ME and the responsibility I have to it's creation. So I must stop. And each one must stop, and once we all do, then it stops. The longer we wait, the longer it takes - and if there is any inclination of spite that suggests, 'well they are not going to stop, so I'm not going to stop', there you have the problem. YOU must BE the Change. You must become the responsible one in your Life and show an example of what is means to be the living change, to stop the wars, to stop the violence, to stop the conflicts and instability.

It's is long time due for each one to take inventory and a reflective stance within themselves and who they are in their lives; how they exist in relation to others and how they exist with others, because each interaction is interconnected to the totality of human existence and experience on Earth. Support yourself with taking a step back and seeing the larger picture that is playing out and ask yourself, how can I change within myself what I see here?

If you see how the outer reflects the inner, if you see how you want to go to war with others, if you see how you take things personally, dwell in the anger and emotions, and see that there must be a better way of living - then give yourself the opportunity to learn how to become the change necessary for humanity to grow up, check out DIP Lite, a free course that shows how each one can practically, day to day, physically change and transform themselves and thus their world as a whole.

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