07 July 2014

351: Correcting the Perspective

Continuing on with the corrective/commitment statements in relation to the previous blog - please read for context, and to assist and support yourself, you can read the following statements out loud.

When and as I see myself picturing/imagining/projecting myself into a future, within my mind, of me 'failing' due to not managing my jobs effectively - I stop and I breathe and do not accept and allow myself to participate as I see, realize, and understand that to 'follow along' with this image as a future of me failing, leads to the consequence of back chats that perpetuate this initial reaction where I basically accepted this image as an idea and statement of who I am; trusted in this image of me failing and so I commit myself to no longer participate within images in my mind of who I can possibly be in some possible future and instead stick to the physical - stick to what is HERE, and what is real, which is my physical body, my physical environment, and what is directly in front of me in terms of my current reality - walking moment to moment instead of separated into some future moment that does not exist, yet through my participation with it, I am validating it, giving it life as my own essence and attention and so I commit myself to stop myself when I see these images come up in my mind as to no longer react to me, my mind or possible future scenarios and instead work with myself, my life, moment to moment, here as breath and so to prepare myself for the road ahead as being effective in facing and dealing with any future situations that might arise with the most stability and clarity.

When and as I see myself within/as the starting point of wanting to be seen and/or defined as a 'good employee' within a positive energy charge when I am at work, I stop and I breathe and bring myself back to the physical, as my physical breathing. I see, realize, understand that this starting point of wanting to present myself as a good employee and for others to see me as a good employee, is in fact a fear, masked as a positive thing as becoming better than who I am, when in reality I am stuck within a need for praise and approval form others and so I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing the idea that I need/require others outside and separate from me here, to validate who I am within seeing me or defining me as a good employee, and thus fear being seen as the opposite of this, and instead stick to principles that are best for all when I am at work such as do unto another as I would have done unto me, give as I would like to receive, do what is necessary to be done, and so standing within self responsibility within/as my job and so not within the starting point of getting others to like and praise me, but instead do my job because it is my responsibility and what is required of me - not needing anything in return that serves my self interest

When and as I see myself existing within a state of wanting or needing or attempting to get positive feedback as validation or confirmation from others, in anything that I do, I stop and I breathe and stabilize myself within myself in bringing me back to myself, here, as I see, realize and understand that the statement I am making and living as myself in such an acceptance and allowance of wanting others to give me positive feedback or for them to see me in a positive way, is that I am incapable of being okay with myself, alone within/as myself and instead enslave myself to the perceptions of others. I commit myself to no longer accept this idea that others hold the power to define who I am and instead take the responsibility that is mine as the ability to create myself to be who I want to be as self honesty, self enjoyment, self love, self acceptance - and so no more giving this power to others and instead embrace it as me here

When and as I see myself participating in competition towards others in my work environment, as comparing myself to others as being better or worse at the job - I stop and I breathe and do not accept this of myself. Instead I bring myself back to me here, breathing, and to the realization that competition creates the friction and conflict we already have existent within this world, where winning and being the best overrides common sense and what is best for all and so there is no real consideration or care for others and so I commit myself to no more participate in competition within my mind towards others as comparing me to them and them to me and instead see the strengths in others that I can apply to myself and to share as an example for others the strengths I have within me and so then allow a cooperation and support exist between relationships that allow for each other to flourish and grow,in the work environment, instead of competition and self interest that only leads to separation and conflict

When and as I see myself reacting to the new job environment as fear of making mistakes and so not being seen as good or the best as an employee, I stop and I breathe and bring myself back to my physical body, and back to the reality of the realization that it is a new job and so new information, new structures, new practices that I must learn and apply and that will take time for me to perfect and so I commit myself to give myself the patience to learn what is necessary for me at my new job to thus be able to perform and implement it effectively, instead of wanting to be seen as a good/the best employee simply for an image others can see me as and I can get a positive energy kick from

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