16 June 2014

345: Slowing Down

Continuing here from the previous blog, the following are the commitment statements and corrections to be lived from the self forgiveness applied towards my relationship to time:

Art by: Chiara Aime
When and as I see myself react negatively to the time it will take to complete a particular Agreement Course lesson, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the reaction and back into and as my physical body within the realization that the negative reaction is fueling the polarity relationship I have created within and towards time wherein I have thought that the quicker I get something done, the better I am and so seeing and realizing the negative reaction is due to the fear of being seen/living out the negative definition I have given to the time it takes to get something done as slower is worse and so I commit myself to no longer participate in the polarity relationship as quicker is better and longer is worse and to instead work with physical space and time, as breath by breath, moment to moment, day by day when walking through my Agreement course lesson as I realize that to apply/redefine one word a day is a cool process of consistency, discipline and self-direction and so I commit myself to slow myself down within myself, through and as breath, and walk consistently rather than quickly as here I realize that is how I am able to support myself to perfect the process I walk as what is required of me within the Agreement Course lesson.

When and as I see myself approaching jobs or responsibilities, tasks or situations within the starting point of rushing, as to get it done as quickly as possible - I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back to my body, back to me here, stopping and slowly down myself as this rushing energy, as I see and realize that the rush-ness experience I have created within myself towards things in my external reality is due to defining 'getting things done fast' as something positive and so I am in a rush to get to the end as the positive self-definition I think and believe I can then see myself as, as doing something effectively because I did it in a shorter amount of time. I see, realize and understand that the speed in which I do things does not define who I am, it is in fact 'who I am' within what I am doing that defines and determines who I am and so I commit myself to approach myself from within a clear, self-honest starting point within the various responsibilities, tasks, jobs and situations that I encounter as to ensure that I am not attempting and trying to make myself more as seeing myself as positive within the belief that 'quicker' is 'better' and so I commit myself to when I see this rushness experience come up within me, to stop and breathe and clear myself to ensure that from that moment, I am moving, as my starting point, from self-awareness, as self honesty, and breath by breath, slow but surely walk as consistency.

When and as I see myself judging myself for the pace in which it takes for me to get things done, as being too slow, I stop and I breathe and I bring myself out of the judgment of the mind and back into my physical body here and so to the realization that in accepting and allowing myself to continue participating within this judgment, I am participating and thus sustaining a polarity relationship I have created within my mind that says going fast through things is positive and going slow is negative and thus attempting to only fulfill an idea of myself that makes me feel good as being on the positive side - Instead I commit myself to stop participating in this polarity relationship of/as time, and instead walk with/as/in REAL space and time, which is breath by breath, moment by moment, no longer existing within the mind that is in separation of me here, and thus in separation of real, physical time. I commit myself to stop judging myself based on ideas I've created within my mind about time, and instead walk physically with/as time as what is here, breath by breath.

When and as I see myself paying more attention to an emotional reaction to considerations I make as the application or 'how to' approach specific tasks or responsibilities, such as completing my agreement course lesson, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of the mind and energy of the negative emotion and instead back to my body, here, and to give myself that moment of honoring the self-supportive considerations I was making for/as myself within walking/completing my agreement course lesson, as I see and realize and understand that to allow myself to simply go into/participate with the emotional reactions existent within me, I miss so many other aspects/dimensions that are here for me to see and thus limiting myself within my ability to see and assess what is best in the context of practical, physical reality and so I commit myself to 'stick to the physical', through and as my breathing to ensure I am not accepting and allowing myself to blind myself from what is best for me in how to approach certain situations/responsibilities and thus no more accept and allow myself to separate myself from 'working with the physical' - as what is here, in/as real space and time

When and as I see myself reacting positively or negatively to 'time' - I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of my mind and back here to physical reality, to REAL TIME, to my breath and to investigate the relationship I have created towards time in that moment, and to release any polarity charges, definitions, or ideas about time that I have made up in my mind that then influence me as how I experience myself IN TIME, so that I can stand clear, here, in physical space and time and thus walk the process necessary in aligning myself to time - which is breath by breath as moment by moment - walking in the present and thus no longer accepting and allowing ideas I have created within my mind to influence/direct me within how I must approach things - I see and realize that everything that goes on within my mind is in the nature of finding the best definition to serve my self interest as my ego, as the idea/image of me - which I see and realize is not real, yet I have allowed it to be lived out as me and thus see it's consequential effects in my day to day living and so I commit myself to no longer participate within time as being positive or negative and simply allow myself to be here, allow time to move and thus allow me to move with/as time, through practicing my breathing and working physically everyday with what is necessary for me to be done within the principle of what is best for all

When and as I see myself wanting to rush to an end result, to a future projection or to quickly get something done, I stop and I breathe and I deliberately SLOW myself DOWN in/as that moment as I see and realize and understand that I have created a tendency/habit/nature that is attempting to rush through life and within this rushing, missing what is HERE, in every single moment of breath, wherein time no longer exists as how I've come to see/perceive it to be, as going so fast, and I must align to that fastness of the mind - no, I see and realize that the physical moves quite slowly actually, and I have the ability to align myself with/as that slowness of/as physical reality and of/as physical space and time and so I commit myself to stop myself whenever I see myself rushing within myself and to practice in that moment, breathing, slowing myself down, bringing myself back here to/as/within my physical body and so equal to and one with/as this physical reality and thus supporting myself to become self-aware as each moment in embracing, seeing, living and learning what it's like to LIVE HERE.

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