20 March 2014

331: What Do You Take For Granted?

Recently I listened to the EQAFE Life Review Interview, Healthy Body - a House for a Healthy Life. It was quite the timely interview as it was discussing the point of how much we take for granted the things that seem to be 'normal' in our lives, such as our physical bodies. How, because the body we have has always been here, working for us, without our actual awareness or say in what it does, we assume it will always be here, working for us, as it always has. Yet, this interview explained how this was the most important points in our life to explore, investigate and get to know - those relationships or points or things in our life that seem 'normal' and 'always the same' - those things we can so easily take for granted.

This being that was doing the interview described how he had always been fascinated by his hands as a young child, and how they would move, seemingly without his awareness. He was not the one to say, "Okay hand, now I want you to move the thumb slight upward and to the left." No - we simply move our bodies or specific parts of our bodies and it seems to comply. Yet we have no awareness of what is happening in that moment when we are instructing the body to move and it does. He realized how, when later in his life he developed a disease that prohibited his motor skills, just how much he had took for granted his relationship to his physical body.

And of course, a similar point I am realizing myself in the last couple days.

Sunday evening I developed the symptoms of a sinus infection and sure enough, within two days, I was laying in bed with a fever, feeling miserable and unable to do anything but simply allow my body to rest and get better.

Normally this would not be something that I would look more into, yet what I was seeing and realizing in the days that I was slowly losing my ability to function in the seemingly day to day, 'normal' stuff I do - is how much I've taken for granted my body, it's health and well being and even the moments during my day I have to actually move myself and direct myself, with the functioning, healthy body.

I realized this because, the time before I became sick and had plenty of time do to things, with a healthy body and so the ability to move and direct myself and take care of the things necessary in day to day living, I had actually squandered those moments as taking for granted my ability of having a healthy body and thus being able to function, move and direct myself. And so while I was laying in bed, I was thinking this couldn't have happened at a worst time - there are things I need to do and these are the days I planned to do them.... however... those were the days I planned to do them because essentially I had put them off to do them those days, when I had ample time before to get them done.

So lesson learned - stop squandering the moments we have here and take advantage of the body when it's healthy - use it to it's optimum potential - make the most of every moment we have and stop wasting time on things that do not matter. Investigate those things in our lives that we think will always 'remain the same' because they've 'always been here'. Don't take for granted the actual abilities we have as human beings, and the body that allows us to express ourselves in so many ways.

Thank you Eqafe, my body and the sickness, for supporting me to realize changes I require to make; to make the most of my days and the ability to function my body gives to me, to support my physical body the best I can as it supports me unconditionally. Use what I got and make a +1 impact in this world that will be best for all.

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