17 March 2014

Day 330: The Tool we Use to Deceive Ourselves

A point to consider in one's life is that whatever is going on within our mind; whatever it is that we THINK we know about ourselves, or we THINK we are assessing about who we are, our lives, our relationships, our process in general of how we are changing... cannot, in any way, be trusted.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She had been stable in her life, going to school, going to work, doing what was necessary for herself to ensure she was surviving and even enjoying the time she had with herself throughout her days as she was in the process of getting to know herself and for once in her life, building an agreement within herself as to how she would change herself in this one life she had as she saw the responsibility to making absolute changes within herself that would be best for herself and best for all. She was not giving to much attention to things outside of her control or that she was not within a relationship, which had always been such a prominent desire throughout her life. Then one day, this girl meets a boy and in an instant, the girl gets caught up in the feelings and excitement of a new relationship. Her attention becomes diverted to only this relationship, as it became a source of so much positive energy, she just could not get enough.

In her mind she was having thoughts of "I am changing, and my process is going well, and I am making progress in my life." With these positive thoughts and positive feelings, she had convinced herself she must be doing something right, something must be 'on track' and she was doing well to have deserved such an experience. Yet in her ACTUAL, physical reality - her actual behavior, actions she was taking and actions she was not taking in her day to day living - was indicating quite the opposite of what she was telling herself in her mind; what she was THINKING. Her mind suggested not to question what she was experiencing or what she was doing throughout her day or where her attention as her focus was going, and instead to accept things as they were, to 'enjoy the ride' of you will and to simply continue along with the new found excitement as energy that was keeping her hopped up on the love drug.

So what can be trusted? The Mind that says, "I am changing, I am making progress, I am doing well, I feel good about myself and my life and everything is as it should be... yay!" or the actual, physical reality of herself as her day to day behavior, pattern and routine, which had gone from herself and her life as the priority to her relationship and another being as the priority? The day to day, actual physical behavior, that which she was actually LIVING out was that of one that was so completely possessed and obsessed with a new relationship - with the energy of excitement and the prospect of the future that she could not focus on anything else she had originally established in her life as priority - school was moved down the list as well as work and also the relationship with herself. She put on the back burning, her motivation of self investigation, of questioning herself, of what she is doing throughout her day, how she is adding value to her life and the life of others - she instead opted to remain tunneled in a vision as an idea of what was in her life as a new relationship and didn't care as much anymore about herself as an individual expression, an individual being, her process, her life and what she was going to do for herself to support her overall well being. The priority became this other being and the relationship they were creating.

So what to trust? The Mind that she was feeding herself with as positive thoughts? Or the physical reality of what she was actually living, day in and day out?

Obviously the physical reality and the everyday actions we take or do not take, and who we are within each and every action we decide to take or not take, clearly shows us who we Really are and what we are actually accepting and allowing as ourselves. The Mind - the tool we've come to use to deceive ourselves to pay more attention to that then who we are in actual, physical reality.

How have we done this? Through defining 'who we are' or 'who I am' as the Mind, and all that exists within the mind. What is the Mind? The mind, currently, is the voices in your head. Yes - you have voices in your head, you are talking to yourself in every moment. Have a look - what are you thinking right now? What do you hear yourself saying within your mind? What memory does this remind you of? What feeling or emotion are you experiencing as you read this? What statement are you making about what you are currently reading? Have you actually read this as actually retaining the words, seeing the words, HERE, or have you, for the moment, been distracted by what was going on within your mind and you have not at all actually seen what you've read because you're assessment of this moment and how you interpret my words through your own ideas and opinions scream louder as the static in your mind than the silence of breath. That is the Mind - that part of ourselves that we so absolutely CONvinced ourselves is who we really are. When that is not real; not really who we are. That is CONsciousness - a limited version of ourselves that we have contained within a box in the small space between our eyes wherein we go to make sense of what we experience physically, for real, in this reality, and of course, making sure beyond all measures that our assessment makes us the best, the winner, better and more than anything and everything else - that is where we convince ourselves that we are right and everyone else is wrong and we have a right to our CONvictions as our viciousness towards all life, our judgments of others and why what we do has no effect on the rest of this existence and so thus, we cannot possibly be responsible for the atrocities that exist on this planet daily.

The truth of ourselves exists in our actual physical, living behavior. The thoughts are there just to distract us and not question who we are in actual, physical reality. How can we question and investigate and get to know ourselves for real, as this physical reality, when we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist within the limited space within our minds? That is the distraction. That is the deception. That is the ways in which we fool ourselves in thinking we have a grasp on what life is, who we are in relation to it, what the hell is going on in this world, and how to make decisions that serve only ourselves, our experience, our feelings - me, me, me.

Don't trust anything within your Mind, instead, question it, always. Look to the physical as the cross reference of what we are actually accepting and allowing as 'who we are' - that is where the real story exists and is playing out, without our awareness. We must stop the autopilot of justifications within our mind that feed us lovely imagery and positive feelings and keep us complacent in our lives and in this world. That is the responsibility we have in this life.

The responsibility being - to no more accept and allow the mind to be that part of ourselves that we use to be ignorant to what we are actually doing and what we are currently accepting as ourselves and instead, ground it within practical, physical reality as a tool to be used. First in understanding who we are at the moment, what we've created as ourselves as a Mind of Consciousness throughout all the moments of our lives, and to then redefine it through walking an actual physical process of correcting and aligning to and with ourselves, as the actual nature of who we are, as life in equality and oneness, which we have inverted to exist within only our minds, instead of as the totality of this physical existence.

The Mind exists, currently, in separation of the physical reality as it does not take into consideration the physical reality - it says, "I am changing, I am doing well," while in physical reality, we are living in ways and of patterns that do not actually support or show we are making any real changes. We are only changing our experience and the positive experience is the ultimate trap as it's like a sugar fix that get you high, lost in the clouds and so, not grounded in physical reality.

Time to come back to Earth, back to reality, back to self as the flesh that lives and breathes, back to physical standing here, aligned with this physical reality and no more up in the clouds that is our minds, where we do not SEE the truth of Who we Really Are and what we are currently accepting and allowing and how we can and must change ourselves as the Mind to become that of the Flesh, as the body. We must get HERE to start to see ourselves for real if we ever want to change ourselves as the MATTERS at hand.

So - stop the Mind and start working with physical reality. Start breathing. Start writing. Start self forgiving what we have accepted as 'who we are' and start learning how to Use the Mind as a practical tool for support and change, and no more allowing it to be a chain that enslaves us the the same old cycles of not seeing who we are, what is going on in this world and how we practical, PHYSICALLY change it. Do no buy into the bull that is the Mind as we've created it to serve only our self interest and energy addictions as our pursuit of happiness. Only until we take the reigns as directing ourselves as the mind and no longer allowing the mind to run rampant, taking us from one extreme to the next, can we then begin to trust ourselves as the Mind.

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