03 March 2014

323: Journey to Life Blogs - the Gift of the Challenge

Tonight's blog is in 'real time'. Meaning - I am sitting here, writing this specific Journey to Life blog entry, in the moment, about a point that I want to share. This is not writings from the other day or self forgiveness from this morning. I am here, in the moment.

I have been a bit spacey with my Journey to Life blogs as of recently - prioritizing my time to focus more on school work, I have not given myself the appropriate time to be as consistent as I would like with my Journey to Life blogs. I'm not saying this is 'wrong' or 'bad' - it's simply something I had to do in order to sort myself out with my school work, to make sure I was satisfied with myself in that specific aspect of my life. Yet all the while, I 'knew' I was not giving myself that extra push I know I could to write and share and move within my Journey to Life.

It has been an amazing gift - this point alone (The 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs), within the Desteni Process. It supports in so many ways. Exposing/working with/breaking through fears and judgments, doubts and uncertainties, limitations and beliefs about what we as an individual are capable of. It exposes the ego and the self interest we are seeking, our self definitions - comparisons, judgments and assumptions. It shows when and what type of energy is moving self. It truly reflects what I am accepting and allowing, daily, when I go to write my journey to life blog.

It has been a point for me that I have wanted to perfect - meaning - to walk the Journey to Life process, daily, as a self-commitment I have made to myself and to life, within my own Process, that I started over 4 years ago now. It's a process of challenging myself to be better than I have accepted and allowed of myself, because I can see how I've lived throughout my life, that I have limited myself in so many ways, that I have not actually lived. The gift - realizing it's my responsibility and I can change it/me. And this Journey to Life blog gives me just one opportunity to face me as who I am throughout my day, and to daily, take on the points I see no longer serve me as what is best for me/all and only serve me as the Mind as self interest/ego.

So this journey to life process has been a point of great support for me within my process. And I've seen recently many people embarking on their Journey and I am reminded of why I write. Why I come here and post a daily blog, why I committed myself to this process, why I choose to investigate myself and forgive myself and to share my process with others - because we all know we are not actually Living. We all know there is more to Life and we have all sought the answer to our question, "What is the point?"

The point, I have realized, is that I am alone, here, within who I am and how I live and what I do and what I say, and what I see, and that I am completely responsible for everything that exists within me and who I am in relation to All things. And in that, is this amazing opportunity to understand ourselves as life, as how we have created ourselves as Life currently (which we can see clearly is not in fact Life or living) and so too, how we are able to re-create ourselves into/as Life which stands equal to and one with All that is Here.

This Journey is a challenge, yet in that, the Gift. The gift I give to myself to go beyond what I've thought I was capable of; to face myself daily, to see 'what is here', to get to know myself, to share myself and share with All who I am, what I stand for, what I support, what I accept and allow, what I am struggling with and what I am working on. There is no hiding - there can't be. If there is, one sees it within oneself, day after day, the same points emerge, the same experience arise and we realize, the gift of the journey allows one to daily, see who self is in relation to all things, whatever the point/topic/subject matter might be, and to align it into what is best for all, into practical, physical living, into common sense reasoning.

It is something I decided to do because I saw the opportunity to make real the commitment I had made to change myself and to within that, live the realization that changing human nature, my nature, will take space and time, discipline and directive-ness, integrity, self honesty, consistency and a commitment - a commitment to apply the tools and principles I have seen and utilized to transform me in ways I did not think were possible. I don't want to live a life I cannot stand by and or be honest about or share with others. So to be able to come here, share my life and my process and myself - is giving me the opportunity to break free from the illusion of 'who I have to be' in this world and to simply stand as 'who I am' currently in this world, and share how I see I can support myself to change. I can get to know the Real Me.

The word 'process' has come up a few times in the last few days of conversation. It is important for me to realize, and for others walking their process and Journey to Life, that although we can change ourselves in one moment, with one breath - this Journey is a process that will take time and a consistent statement, as we walk, of who we are and what we stand for. It will take time, because only through time, can we prove to ourselves that we have in fact changed. It's easy to say, "I'm changing" or "I have changed" - when actually, the proof is in the physical actions, as the evidence of who I am here. And this Journey to Life is one point we can utilize to show exactly that. I am Here. I see I am responsible. I see I must Change. I am here to do it. One Blog = One breath - and so we walk our Journey.

So this blog is for those just beginning their Journey, and for myself, reminding myself why I walk my Journey - to bring all together, within a process of taking responsibility and standing up and saying "We Are Here and We will be the Change necessary in Our Life" And to say - it's not easy. Change is not easy. Yet, it's as difficult or as easy as we make it, lol - but in reality - there is no short cuts. We must walk in physical reality, space and time, breath by breath, day by day, point by point in order to dis-cover and unravel what we have weaved as 'who we are' within our minds - the many personalities and ideas and beliefs, passed through generation after generation. We must be the ones to Stop the cycles of the Past and start new, to create a future that reflects what is best for all. Yet, we have to first understand how we got here to get back to our starting point - where from there, we can re-create ourselves, from no-thingness, from clarity; seeing reality and who we are within it clearly, without external influence or conditions of our past - to be that which is in fact, best for All life, standing in Equality and Oneness. No thoughts, no reactions, no emotions or feelings creating irrational movement to do this or that - simply a human being, walking here, working with the physical and directing oneself to be of support for All life, Equally.

Okay - my little real time rant of expressing where I am within my process and bringing myself back to the realization of the gift I have within my Journey to Life blogs. Thank you for walking with me.

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