06 February 2014

313: Assured in the Security of Physical Reality

I took a slight detour from the previous series I was walking in relation to where I placed my security, confidence and assurance. For context, you can read all the blogs in the series:

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This blog specifically is the self corrective statements for the most recent blog within this point, 309: Giving Me Security

When and as I see myself looking outside of me here, for a sense of security, confidence and assurance through/as a relationship with another, in their words or actions, I stop and I breathe and do not allow myself to continue participating in this search as I see/realize/understand that I am missing the point of me here as the point that is to be established as self secure, self confident and self assured and so I commit myself to stop myself when/as I see myself expecting and looking for another within a relationship with me to give to me this point and instead allow myself to realize I must bring it back to myself, I must cultivate it within me as who I am and how I live, I must redefine what it means as a physical application as who I am and not as a feeling someone else gives me

When and as I see myself expecting my relationships to give to me a sense of security, confidence and assurance, I stop and I breathe and bring myself out of my starting point of separation as thinking and believing these points exist outside of me as in the hands of another and instead bring myself back to the realization that I am here and thus that is where I must find who I am as secure, confident and assured as I see/realize/understand that it exists within the principles I apply and live within my life, it is in the words I speak, it is in how I express myself - it is a point I must realize exists within me and until I stop the expectation as a belief that another can and must give it to me, I will forever think I am 'missing it' and so I commit myself to stop missing me as the point in which I must establish within/as the words secure, confident and assured

When and as I see myself looking for a 'feeling' of being secure, confident and assured, I stop and I breathe and bring myself back to me here, as my physical breath, with my physical body, grounded on this physical earth as that which is secure, stable and I can be assured is here as that which is real as i see/realize/understand that feelings are not real - they do not actually exist as what PHYSICALLY MATTERS because in one moment, I can stop the feeling and it is no longer here - and so I commit myself to align myself with real security which is in/as this physical reality and my physical body and so does not exist within my mind as ideas of how I can get this feeling from others - I commit myself to realize it's here, equal for all

I commit myself to align myself to physical security as this physical reality which is constant, stable and assures me the support of life and living

I commit myself to walk a process of bringing myself back to life and living within/as this physical reality within the principle of what is best for all and so establishing this in/as myself and so in/as this world, where all life is given the security, confidence and assurance that all are supported in life and living

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