04 January 2014

294: Walking through Resistances Changes the World

I'm continuing here from the point opened up in a previous post in relation to resistances:

The problem was that although we might see what is best for ourselves; to do certain things that would support us in our life or process or in our day to day living, where we could apply specific things that support us to actually develop as effective, caring and functional human beings in this world that are not driven by self interest but act within principles that are best for all and that is to start with self - so even though we see there are certain things we can do to support ourselves in our process of stopping the mind, transforming ourselves, perfecting ourselves to be the most effective being we can be that is living within/as the utmost potential - there are still moments where despite seeing this - we still give in to resistances. And it may not even be because we have defined something has hard or difficult or challenging, but mainly because we give into ideas about ourselves that we wont do well or we will fail or it wont work out and so in that, give up before we even try.

I mean I can see where I still use self-diminishing thoughts to keep me contained in doing that which I am only comfortable with, even though there are other things I would like to 'get my feet wet' in - there is still like this resistance to really pushing through... so what is the resistance? Well obviously it seems to be fear. Fear of failure, fear of fucking up, of making a mistake, of not doing something 'right', of thinking I will not do well anyway so why even try. I mean there is a whole slue of things we use to re-MIND ourselves of why we are somehow at fault, somehow not good enough or perhaps even stemming from the thought that we are born in sin. The idea still influencing, 'no one is perfect' and so accepting such a limitation and excuse really to not push for perfecting ourselves, hinders us to see what we are actually capable of.

So this is a problem because for me specifically, I see there are certain things that are required of me, things that I can do and share and communicate about and because I am allowing a resistance to 'keep me quiet' in relation to certain things, I am in this, sustaining what we currently have here as our reality. I mean simply, we are just perpetuating what we already have; who we already are. And if we are not in the least bit questioning wtf is going on and who we are and asking ourselves why are things the way they are, why do I do this, or why have I done this, why is this world existing as it is - I mean if that little bit of awareness is not coming through, then we have farther along then perhaps I imagined. So in accepting resistances to not pushing through and giving myself an opportunity to do things that support me and potentially others, I am simply accepting myself 'the way I am' and thus this world the way it is, which is unacceptable in so many ways. That is the point - if it exists in me and I allow it - I allow it to exist in this world.

Yet if we were to be self honest, we see there is nothing but room for improvement and this starts with expecting nothing less of ourselves than what is best for all. So from this perspective, I see the responsibility that I have to move through certain, specific resistances - I mean they are resistances I would like to move through as that which I am resisting I see could potentially open a lot of doors and expand not only myself but others as well and this journey as this life and this process can potentially be quite cool and enjoyable. Yet when I allow myself to reach my bounds and limits and not push through, I am accepting how things are and not doing a dam thing to change them. I mean it starts with little things in seemingly small moments where we can make the biggest strides within ourselves and our process - to not accept the limitations we impose on ourselves - to push ourselves to be better than we have been - to expect from ourselves what we would like to see in others. I mean that is the point of 'being the change you want to see in this world' - we cannot change for anyone else to do something, to say something, to stand up, to be a better person, WE have to be that ourselves - the living example.

The solution  here would be to start living in such ways where we become satisfied with ourselves because we are no longer allowing ourselves to be stuck in the same old situation and space we have always been - we can actually move beyond what we have considered possible as ourselves and we can establish within ourselves the stability of being here, moment to moment, breath by breath, here - self directive. I mean we cannot expect to be free from our chains/walls until we start moving ourselves through/past/beyond and thus breaking our chains. We have to actually move through what is keeping us limited to be able to see it was never real in the first place. I mean if I have a fear that I allow to decide that I will not do certain things, such as public speaking, and use this fear to come up with all sorts of excuses and justifications as to why my fear is valid and in that, make a decision to remain within the fear and not 'give it a go' in terms of seeing who I am within public speaking - then I am limiting myself and being directed by this fear. I am allowing a fear to determine who I am and what I do in life. And so in that, remaining the same - humans existing within the starting point of fear and thus creating that which it exists as, fear.

So to sum it up - if we don't change, nothing changes and a very cool point of support we have in our process of change is resistances. Break the chains to set yourself free and thus set this world free from living in the same pattern and habits that create and sustain it's current existence where life is not being supported to live, to express, to enjoy, to move, to expand and realize it's true potential.

Start getting your own feet wet in this process with the DIP Lite course - it's free and a very cool way to start the process of getting to know yourself - your strengths, your weaknesses and how you can actually, practically, physically change to be living the best possible version of you.

I will continue with the points of resistances in blogs to come.

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