293: The Resolution of a Lifetime

It’s a new year. Yet is it ever a new me? New years is a cool opportunity to look back at a year and establish whether one was satisfied with self in how one lived and acted and behaved and what was accomplished or what was still being allowed in terms of not giving self’s all in all that one do.

We have a tendency to use the new years to pump ourselves full of new energy and excitement as a ‘I’m going to make some changes’ yet it’s become an actual joke knowing that the New Years “New You” never lasts.

So how can we use the opportunity of a New Year Every day?

I mean instead of assessing who we were in a year, looking back and taking note and account of what was done and not done, was what successful and what still needs to be worked on – that is something we can do daily. I mean that is actually the gift of every day and perhaps if we were willing to take inventory daily on ourselves, to really take a self honest look at who we were in each day and whether we lived in such a way where we could stand without shame or regret or guilt, then we are actually walking a process of correction and perhaps we would see changes quicker in this reality.

Why wait a whole year to give ourselves opportunity to start over when we can do that daily? I mean we can take it even to a point of every moment we have that gift of ‘starting over’ as actually making some real changes in our life, yet it takes commitment and discipline and a willingness to walk a process realizing there are no such things as quick fixes or instant gratification. When one make a decision to make changing to one's living and habits, that take a real walk of self commitment to get it done.

Also we must be realistic in the goals we are setting for ourselves. I mean, why limit a New Year or in this case, a New Day, to only being that of losing weight or stopping one habit or trying something new. Why is it not a radical change made on every level of our beingness, purifying every ounce of ourselves that does not stand as what is best for all. I mean that would be actually walking the gift we have of Life – every day taking a look at who we were, where we are still falling, where we still need to change, where we still exist in self interest, where we still judge and blame others, where we still use spite to manipulate, where we still allow jealousy to exist – I mean if we are self honest we can say that the Human has become very petty and immature and irrelevant to existence. If we take a real look at who we are DAILY, or even moment to moment, a real self honest look at our THOUGHTS (that stuff in your mind you think Is so secret), WORDS (those sounds that come out of your mouth that seem to have no awareness to what one is actually saying at all) and DEED (the physical behavior we display every moment, how we move, what actions we take or don’t take and the starting point for them) – I mean if we took a real honest look at who we are as these three points, we will see that the human has devolved to the point of becoming useless and a nuisance to this existence. In no way, shape or form can we say that Man is Kind as Mankind or that actual Humanity exists as Humanity. We have so utterly separated ourselves from living these words as the Living Word that the proof of it is in our day to day living and the outcome we have produce from it as our World as a Whole.

Let’s take this New Years and redefine it to be a practical, living application as a gift and opportunity to make some real changes that matter in this world – not just in self interest as wanting to lose weight that somehow we can feel better about ourselves, instead let’s create a New Day Resolution everyday – where daily we take a look, through writing, who we were in day and whether that being as thought, word and deed is one we can live with/as without shame. If every human made such a commitment, we would have radical changes in this reality because everyone would see we have a lot of sorting out to do, within ourselves and within our world and that the responsibility starts within each one as Self.

Don’t let New Years be a once in a year moment – bring it into your Daily Living as the Process of Self Perfection – purify yourself with self investigation, self forgiveness and self COMMITMENTS as the daily actions you make to actually, physically change who you are and your so called nature within the realization that this world reflects who each is on an individual level. And it is beyond time that we step up and stand up to no more accept and allow a reality within ourselves or as this world to be what it is when we see it is unnecessary. I’m sure many can agree there seems to be no purpose or point to this life and so we are simply busy entertaining ourselves with the latest energy fix of excitement we can create for ourselves, when the truth is there is daily suffering and it is for those of us in a position of having access to resources and living comfortable within this world, to do something. That is the Ultimate Resolution we should all be walking towards and that is to bring a Solution to ALL, equally, that is Best – where no one starves or goes without shelter or is blamed  or judged or giving no support in a world of plenty. Let’s stop being irrelevant to what matters in this world and take a stand within who we are and thus what we do and how we express.

Make this News Years Count by making a Commitment to LIFE and LIVING that creates a World that is best for all. Investigate Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation for practical support and education on how to create ourselves and a world that truly is in fact Heaven on Earth.

Obviously then we will no longer need to ‘start over’ or some kind of resolution because we will be LIVING the solution in full expression. A world where all are equally honored within the right to life and no more does separation exist as how we currently exist in relation to each other.

Take Responsibility as the Resolution of a Lifetime.

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