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381 - Sleep Much? Consider this...

I'm going to continue on with the support from the Atlanteans, though this time in relation to Mind Tiredness vs Physical Tiredness.

I have been facing this point of 'sleeping' and 'naps' within my process for quite some time, and while for a bit I was not napping or sleeping unnecessary, it seems I have fallen back into the pattern and see the consequence it can create in my own life in terms of the time I'm giving to sleeping, as well as what I am actually accepting and allowing within myself in such a pattern of naps.

And so I went to the Atlanteans for support. There is a two part recording on this specific topic, and so tonight's blog I will touch on the points mentioned within that interview, which of course, already shed some light/perspective on what is actually going on in 'wanting to sleep' and how I can begin to change myself, beginning with starting to understand myself within sleeping/napping.

The first point that came through in the in…

380: How To Prevent Regret and The Gift within Not Giving Up

To bring a close to the series of blogs I've been writing - tonight I will write about the potential of self within not giving in to the 'giving up' experience, and a bit about the point of regret.

Recently I was asked to Host a Live Google Hangout within the Desteni Community. While there were resistances and fears coming up within me, I knew this was something that would be of support for me within my own process, meaning - a point for me to expand, to face myself as my fears, and to practice the act of "public speaking", or in general, speaking on camera. So in general, and practically speaking, it was something I saw as an opportunity and knew I would go for it. I mean really, it was like silly for me not to, as there was nothing physically real suggestion that I couldn't or shouldn't, despite the energetic experience that said 'Noooooo!'

So while I was preparing myself and all the other elements related to the hangout, an interesting point emer…

379: How to Stop Emotions from Taking Over

Continuing on with the fourth recording of the series about the point of Giving Up I've been listening to by the Atlantean's, it's all about the practical support and assistance we can give to ourselves to no longer simply play out or act out the pattern of giving up, and instead rather direct ourselves through it, and in that, actually expand ourselves as who we are in relation to that particular thing and see or rather LIVE the potential within us.

For me the most supportive point was to realize how that giving up really is simply an emotional reaction, and so like any emotional reaction I face, the corrective application to support myself within such a moment of facing it is to stop and breathe, and in that, stand up within/as my physical body - where instead of completely allowing the mind as the emotional reaction to take over, to instead breathe within/as my body, ground myself in the moment HERE and so my physical environment and to stabilize any reactions that may b…

378: Instead of Giving Up - Embrace Change in the Challenge

In continuing with the series of recordings I've been listening to, as well as the blogs I've shared in relation to what I've realized and applied for myself when facing the experience of 'giving up' - the third recording from the Atlantean's proved to be yet again supportive.

The point I would like to discuss here in relation to this 3rd recording in the series is the correction, or rather expansive point they made in relation to the title of the series, "Giving Up" - to "Giving up on Yourself." Because that is essentially what we are doing when we give up on something we are doing, or learning, or attempting to implement in our life, or to change; when we want to give up, we are not giving up on that particular 'thing' - we are in fact giving up on ourselves based on an idea that "it's not working" or "I can't do this" or "It's not worth it."

So while we might like to think we are giving u…

377: What to Realize When your Mind Seems More Active

Continuing on the series I am walking currently with the Atlantean Interivews in relation to Giving up, specifically the second interview in this series, "Giving Up: Understanding" - there was a second part I wanted to touch on in this blog.

The first part was in relation to the trust and belief we place into our minds/our thoughts/how we speak internally to ourselves (back chats) and you can see the self-forgiveness process I walked in relation to that specific point in my previous blog.

Here though a point I would like to discuss, which was mentioned in this second interview from the Atlanteans is in relation to the tsunami that we can experience within our minds when facing specific points.

First - an example for context:

When I first started investigating Desteni and the tools of breathing, writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective application I found, not to long after applying these tools, a flood of reactions coming up within my mind. I noticed just how busy my m…

376: Trusting my thoughts to Give Up

Continuing on with the series of blogs I have been walking with the support of the Eqafe interview by the Atlanteans, 'Giving Up' - here I am going into the second interview in the series titled, "Giving Up: Understanding."

The first part in this interview was looking at the trust and faith we give to our minds, specifically the back chats, or voices in our head that basically tell us who we are and how we 'should' react to something. We define ourselves so much as our minds, we never stop and question whether that is in fact who we are. Of course we don't question it, because we have accepted it as part of ourselves, we are 'thinking beings', we follow the thoughts in our mind, we trust the words we speak to ourselves, and we don't for a minute think that maybe there is something beyond that, or within that that is the real essence of our beingness - our presence.

So the following self-forgiveness is specifically for this acceptance and allowan…

375: How We Justify Giving Up on Each Other

Here I'm continuing walking the EQAFE'sAtlantean Series, 'Giving Up.' I suggest to read my previous blog for context.

The first part, or first dimension of this particular 'giving up' outflow was when one has a negative reaction to a particular event/situation in one's life, which is what you can read in my previous blog.

The following is the Self-forgiveness in relation to the 2nd dimension or part 2 of the initial phase of activating the 'giving up' system, which is the back chat/voices in the head that we participate in that fuel the giving up decision, where we began justifying why it's okay for us to give up; the reasons and excuses we give ourselves to take that particular direction/path/road.

I forgive myself  that I have accepted and allowed myself to react negatively to my initial negative reaction to the change in another's interaction with me as the back chat of “it’s too much”

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself …

374: Why Do we Give Ourselves the Option of Giving Up?

I am currently busy walking the EQAFEAtlantean Series "Giving Up". I highly recommend this series, as well as any series on Eqafe, but specifically the Atlantean's as they present a step-by-step guide on 'how to' understand and correct specific emotions/feelings we face throughout our lives.

So the first interview was insightful and supportive for me, because although I was able to identify the 'giving up' thoughts that were coming up in relation to a specific point I am facing in my life - what I was able to see more clearly through listening to the interview was the trigger of this giving up play out within my mind which came from an initial reaction to a point in my life that was negative in nature, and from there I activated this 'giving up' construct within/as me. It was quite a heavy experience this past week as this specific energy/emotion was coming up as wanting to give up. That is why I am so grateful for the Atlantean series, as it suppo…

373: Changing the Past

I am continuing here from the previous blog in relation to a memory/experience of when I was a child in dance class, being put in the back row and interpreting this as a personal thing against me, as implying I was not good enough to be in the front row. Here the corrective statements and realizations to live by, as I can see just how much that one moment from my childhood defined/influenced the rest of my life.

When and as I see myself interpreting another's actions or words towards me or in relation to me, as something personal, specifically as it implying I am not good enough - I stop and I breathe. I see, realize, and understand how since my childhood, from one moment of accepting and allowing myself to take it personal when my dance instructor put me in the back row, as implying I was not good enough to be in the front, I carried this self-belief and idea about me that I was somehow not good enough as who I am, and that my place belonged in the back - simply from accepting thi…