26 December 2013

290: Stop Waiting and Start Moving

Here I'm closing the distraction point because to continue writing about distractions and what I use to distract myself is not necessarily living the correction and as such, realizing the actual problem. I mean the solution is within the problem and the problem that cause one to seek out a distraction is the unwillingness to become self honest and face what one accepts and allows.

I have used distractions for a multitude of purposes, yet the one point that remain is the unwillingness to stop and change. To actually move myself through any/all energetic reactions or experience that trigger within me, to actually take self responsibility and face what is going on - a distraction is a lacking of self awareness and self willingness to get to know self for real.

I mean, the moment I give myself the apparent choice to choose a distraction, I am absolutely implying that I don't care to know why I am running away from myself, why I want to hide out from myself, why I am not willing to see what is going on that is supporting me to think I must avoid whatever it is that is happening within me.

I mean, a distraction is an abdication of self responsibility. It is actually a choice to be enslaved and to stay the same and so an act of dis-empowerment, because the moment I make the decision to distract myself is the moment I am prolonging an opportunity to expand myself within seeing who I am in within myself, within my mind, within the relationships I have created towards everything in my reality and when I do not gift myself with walking through a moment of not allowing a distraction, I am basically saying I don't care about myself, I don't care about this life, I don't care about others, I don't care to change - I simply don't care to put an ounce of effort into this one, amazingly 'here' opportunity I have to be self directive and do that which I know is necessary to be done within the actual, physical changing of oneself in this world - and that is to NOT submit to the instructions in the mind that we have programmed unto ourselves in doing the same thing over and over and over again - expecting somehow, magically that same, continuous action will produce a different result.

Let's get real and see who we are actually accepting and allowing of ourselves and thus what we are accepting and allowing within/as this world, the moment we want to hide away in a distraction. The reason we don't want to face ourselves and instead turn to a distraction to comfort us in our un-comfort-ability is because we have created ourselves and this life to be that which is not best for all - that which is jealous and envious and deceitful and shameful and absolutely a lesser version of what Life is and so of course we want to not face who we are - because it's right here in front of us, it exists within the very thoughts and images within your mind and the words we speak without an awareness - it is clear we have created ourselves to be that which is not worthy of life and so yes, obviously we want to cower from the truth because we have created ourselves to be less than the truth of who we are.

Realize it will take a process to rid ourselves of the destruction we allow and have allowed throughout the ages - distractions are simply a cover up to not have to face the music, to not have to see the truth of what is being accepted and allowed within each one. So stop attempting to walk around the point that is so clearly being shown to us in various circumstances in our world - we are responsible for being the change we want to see in this world, we are responsible for the evil-natured beings we have become - we are responsible for why nothing is changing - because we've accepted ourselves to put it away for another day thinking it will be there for us when we are ready. Realize the only moment we have is this moment, here and now and what we do with each moment we have is the truth of who we are. So I can no longer allow distractions to be the blame for what I'm trying to cover up - I must be the reason to no longer allow myself to use and abuse the time I have on earth. I've heard that time is always against us, yet I realize the vastness of one moment when one actually slow down, stop and breathe and see the moment as opportunity we have in each and every single breath to do what is best for all and that is to start changing our behavior, our habits, our patterns that keep us trapped in a cycle of self abuse.

Distractions might not seem to be such a heavy point to come so hard on self about - yet the reality of what we are actually doing is not pretty... we are in the end waiting around for something to move us when we are more than capable of moving ourselves in this moment. There are billions of people on this planet that would trade places with you in one moment, with the willingness to do whatever is necessary to be done in this world to create a place of real worth, within and without and here we sit, in our comforted, heated houses, sitting around a Christmas tree pretending to care about giving when we would not dare stand in the shoes of another person in this world who is without a job, without money, without a home and begging daily to get their next meal.

Let's stop distracting ourselves and let's stop waiting for something outside of ourselves to move ourselves - we are the ONLY ones that can do it, and the longer we wait the longer it takes so let's get moving.

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