17 October 2013

260 - Real Worth

Here the self corrective statements and commitment in relation to my previous blog post:

When and as I see myself reacting toward another's words, expression or behavior in relation to feeling unworthy or not good enough, I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back to myself here, back to my body, back to where real worth exists as who I am as the physical, as life and so I breathe within seeing/realizing/understanding that the reaction is in separating myself from the relationship with me - the relationship I have within my own self worth and indicate I am not yet giving/living self worth as who I am here and so I commit myself to stop looking for worth outside of myself here, outside of the very breath I breathe and commit to realizing that real worth as who I am is defined and determined in every moment of breath, every thought, word, deed and as who I am in this life, how I live, what principles I stand by - those are the real determining factors of self worth and thus I commit myself to continuing the process of stopping and bringing myself back to my own self worth, self created in every moment to be that which is best for me and thus best for all each and every time I stop my mind and bring myself back to the physical reality through/as breathing

When and as I see myself in expectation of a specific expression or communication from another in desiring a sense of self worth - I stop and I breathe and I do not allow this of myself as I see/realize/understand that to stand in such a position is to stand conditionally within life and thus not best for all as it's coming from a point of self interest - instead I commit myself to stop looking outside of myself for self worth within seeing/realizing/understanding that it can only be found, established, developed and expressed by/as me here, through myself as a physical being and accumulated within each and every breathe I breathe, standing equal to life as the real worth that is equal for all

I commit myself to getting to know myself as my own self worth - redefining worth to be that which is real and best for all within/as this life to no longer base it on an idea or expectation or picture in my mind, believing that I will magically find it in another, in a relationship - outside and separate from me here and so I commit myself to walking the process of establishing who I am here as self worth - to discover the life that is worthy for all when all are standing together, equally as one, within principles that are best for all and so I commit myself to taking responsibility for my participation within this world, within myself, to establish within myself self worth and to establish a life of worth for all in this life and thus no longer accepting and allowing myself to place conditions on another to give me that which I am able to give to myself and once I am able to give/live self worth as who I am then I am able to support others within discovering their own self worth and thus stop the cycles of abusing each other in seeking another to give us that which we are able to give ourselves - real worth = life giving/supporting life.

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