27 September 2013

251 - Stopping the Self Definitions

I'm continuing here from the previous blog of self forgiveness in relation to self definitions that have only limited me within myself and my life and how I see they have influenced me in certain moments and so here the corrective statements as corrective changes I will make to ensure I no longer accept and allow myself to limit myself within how I see/accept and define myself to be

When and as I see myself defining myself within negative energies as limiting myself within how I see myself and who I allow myself to be - I stop and I breathe and I bring myself back to my body, back to myself here and do not allow myself to entertain thoughts or back chats or ideas within my mind that are actually self abusive and keep my trapped in ideas of myself that I have formulated yet are not real as I see/realize/understand that inferiority/superiority game I am playing with such definitions of myself and how through accepting myself within a negative idea about me, I attempt and try to go into the positive experience as a way to escape and not face what i am accepting and allowing and thus within this then creating characters of positive personalities that present a superior being when this is not actually who I am either and so here I commit myself to stop both the negative and positive self definitions I have given to myself, to investigate where they originated within my life and apply myself within forgiving myself for limiting myself within definitions of me that exist only within my mind and without the practical physical consideration of what Life is and who I really am as Life and the value that is equal for All here within/as this physical reality

When and as I see myself comparing myself and judging myself in relation to others within fear of how they see me or that they will judge me as I have judged myself - I stop and I breathe and I let go of the ideas about me that are influencing me in such an application of thinking and believing I must be a certain way for others to accept me - I see/realize and understand that I am the one defining myself in such a way where I then look to others to prove me wrong, to make me feel like I am not what I have accepted and allowed myself to be within my own self definitions and so here I see, realize and understand the responsibility that i have to stop attempting to seek something from others to get me out of the experience I create within myself in how I define myself and so I commit myself to take back the responsibility I have to myself here, to how I have come to define myself and see myself within myself and in relation to others and thus I commit myself to no longer accepting and allowing myself to define myself in such a way where I see separation between who I really am and what life actually is - which is here within/as this physical reality within/as it's totality

When and as I see myself going into fear and resistance within communication with others, where I do not want to share myself and open myself up to the moment with others in communication in speaking about me, my life, my process, points I am facing and how I am living - I stop and I breathe and I ground myself out of the energy of fear I have created in the mind through defining myself in such a way that limits me within communication and instead breathe here, stand within/as my physical body and thus express myself as such - a human being equal in the substance that we are and thus equally valuable to share who I am and so I commit myself to no longer allowing fear based on limited self definitions to influence me within my communication with others, instead I commit myself to slow myself down, breathe and let go of the restraint of fear in the moment and allow myself to simply be here, express myself without self judgments or definitions of myself that trap me in presenting a part of myself that I think others will approve of or like, based on how I have come to define myself and so further within this I commit myself to source all points of self definitions within me as to where I came to accept and allow myself to define myself in such a way where I then think I must change who I am here for others to approve of me - I commit myself to stop existing/living for others and instead commit myself to bring myself back to the cause/source/origin of the experiences within/as me, taking responsibility for what i Have allowed within/as me as my thoughts, words and deeds and no longer accepting a lesser version of me that sees myself as inferior or superior to another - instead I commit myself to realizing the truth of the life that is here and that is equal within/as all

I commit myself to the daily application of self responsibility as writing, self forgiveness and self corrective statements from which I will/can support myself to live by to no longer accept myself as being separated from the actual life that is here by stopping the mind of self definitions that exist in separation - an illusion I have created and believed in to the extent where it influence me in moments within myself and with others - I commit myself to influence myself as self directive principle to no longer accept definitions of me that do not take into consider physical reality and the equality and oneness of life here that is best for all

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