03 September 2013

243: Some Perspective from the Cats

Here I want to share with you an interview that I listened to last night, from EQAFE - which is an awesome site sharing tons of interviews and perspective and support for those interested in getting to know themselves, the mind, life, reality - all things considered.

I listened to one of the Animals Series, Cats and Self Discovery part 3 - and this interview was not only timely and specific for what I have been/am currently facing in my life, it offered practical support that I can apply in my own life, to start actually living changes that I see I can and that are required to really get myself in a standing of becoming self directive.

You see, recently I have been having a lot of reactions to my own mind; to all the things going on 'in there', things coming up, thoughts, emotions and feelings and 'feeling' very overwhelmed in relation to it all. Within it, believing there is no possible way I can 'get through this all'. And while I was hanging on for dear life - moving myself to breathe - I decided to listen to this interview specifically because hours before I had a reaction towards my cat. He was 'pestering me' and I reacted within annoyance towards him and the back chat specifically was, "leave me alone."

I had listened to the two previous interviews in this series a couple months ago and found them to be so clear and practical in understanding the support I have here as my cats. What I am actually accepting and allowing when I allow myself to 'dismiss' them, or push them away, or not stop and breathe with them for a moment. I mean - with anything or anyone in our world - if we are projecting our shit unto them - we must realize it's not actually 'about them' - it's always, in all ways about ourselves. The gift of those around us, in all their forms - stand as a mirror for us to face ourselves. The catch... we must be willing to see what is right in front of our faces.

There were many points brought up in this interview but what stood out to me specifically as being relevant for me to see/hear is how I was experiencing this 'overwhelming-ness' in relation to all the points coming up, and within this wanting to give up, feeling as if "I can't do this" and the perspective given to this was a slap-in-your face common sense. As I sit here, in my cushy life, with food, shelter, water, clothing, able to educate myself and entertain myself - millions do no have even close to this. And yet, here I sit, complaining and whining and victimizing myself, when if I were to stand, FOR REAL, in the shoes of those that are in the shittiest parts of our current manifested world - I would not last a day. That is REAL suffering - that is REAL misery, to go without the basic essentials that allow one to live. So it was clear the irresponsibility and lack of awareness and even consideration I was existing within in reacting to my mind - reacting to an illusion that isn't even real, as my physical reality was still here, supporting me and providing me with the ability to survive. Take away my money - which would take away my home, my car, my food, my clean water, my education... without these things people go without everyday, and I dare have the audacity to complain about my experience? Man - that is the thing - we are reacting to our experience, an experience we accept and allow through not stopping ourselves in the moment we see ourselves in our mind - we can stop it in just one moment; that illusory reality that we've made up in our minds, can be stopped in one moment, as one breath and we can stand up within any emotional or feeling 'experience' we have, and become real in experiencing physical reality. The experience of hunger, of thirst... those are real experiences, not the feeling of excitement or the emotions of depression.

So this interview really assisted me in putting into perspective my current situation and reminded me of the responsibility I have and the ability even I have to stop myself - stop myself from going into and participating with the alternate reality of my mind where I conjure up feelings and emotions that I then victimize myself within - not taking responsibility in realizing it's my creation - it's my participation and it's not real.

I would suggest anyone to investigate the Cats and Self Discovery series on EQAFE (not only because you get a better understanding of the cat's standing in this reality, but what our relationship towards them says about ourselves and how we can utilize the relationship with them to stand up within/as the mind in becoming self directive principle as who we really are as life as what is best for all) and any interview on that site for that matter - as it is support in opening our eyes to who we have become, why we experience ourselves the way that we do and how we can STOP victimizing ourselves, how we can change ourselves as the responsibility that we have to the actual reality that is here, equal for all. So support yourself, support life and apply the tools available to finally stand as a pillar of support this world requires. It will take a process, yet every moment we have the ability to change. The question is... are we willing - willing to become as persistent as the cats, as our minds, in changing who we are here?

Investigate the Living Income Guarantee proposed by the Equal Life Foundation - an economic foundation that will support the ending of starvation, poverty, homelessness and the other unnecessary atrocities we have come to simply accept as our world. It's time we give our attention to the real experience of those that are really suffering and let go of our individual interest where we believe only we matter. We are the fortunate ones, those writing blogs and reading them - those shopping online and browsing facebook. What are we doing with the time we have? Let us do what is necessary to be done to ensure ALL have an experience of life on Earth to be that which we would like for ourselves.

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