24 July 2013

Day 220: What LIES Behind the Look

A point I see within me recently is this point of self definition. How I define myself according to my physical body - it's shape, size and structure. No - not the practical, physical, functionality of it - the things that matter - but more the 'look' of it.

While I have been busy 'perfecting' my body as an image I present to others, I have began to question myself - what the hell am I doing. While I spend so much time 'developing' my body to be in accordance with the look I desire - the shape that I have accepted and defined as 'attractive' and 'beautiful' - I have failed to give any attention or focus onto the being that actually matters - the who I am within every single moment of every single breath I breathe. Is there integrity in such a being that values more the 'look' of the body rather than the physical support of it. I mean who I am within my desire to perfect my body - what are the reasons I am doing this? Where is this motivation coming from? And is it best for all?

No - because I am running on fear and desire and all according to how I define 'beauty' and 'attractiveness' and within this 'needing' to be accepted, validated and secure in the face of others. So I am not really living for me. And I am not really caring about who I am as a being - who I am as the decisions and choices I make - who I am as the physical actions I take or do not take.

I mean the value has been misplaced as I value more the definition of myself as my look of my physical body rather than who I am as a human being - what I am actually doing in this world. How am I actually assisting and supporting myself to become a being in this world that could actually assist and support the rest of humanity? Because in my self interest as desiring to 'look good', I am not seeing the rest of reality - I am limited in my perception fueled by feelings and not seeing the factual reality - what is actually here and how 'who I am' as a being that values an image more than actual physical substance as Life - sustains the existence that is here - where we care more about fashion and beauty and celebs and entertainment and FEELING GOOD, instead of standing firmly in reality, in equality as ALL physical bodies here, and doing what is practically necessary to be done in changing ourselves to thus change our world into a place of real worth.

There is no worth in a picture that is beautiful if behind it is lies and deception. There is no depth in the shallowness as the value of an image. There is no life in the presentation of a personality that is determined and influenced by social conditioned acceptances of 'what life is' without the consideration of what is best for all.

I will be going more into the specifics of this in blogs to come.

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