06 May 2012

2012: The Vision Board of Deception

"I am so Powerful - I see what I can do. I visualize nightly what I desire and it manifests quickly"

This I recently heard from someone in my reality. These words echoed the past life I lived wherein I beLIEved thoughts created reality and feelings brought to me that which I desire.

That is when I existed within self interest - wanting desperately to create a reality where I was content - where I was happy - where I was fulfilled and satisfied - where I could create my own bliss.

Then the wake up Call. How illusionary the picture board of bright colors and majestic places on earth trapped me into my own deception. Where my vision was set on the bright light that I blinded myself with. Where I refused to see Reality - what is Actually Here - and turned my cheek to see only within my own eye of desire = creating a Reality that I defined Best for Me.

The deception within this - is that there is a WHOLE world Here that I was refusing to see and believed if only I saw what I wanted to Live - what I wanted to experience - then this would in turn be real. But it was not real - it was not here - I had to ignore the reality of this world and go into the imaginary world of the Mind where I could beleive anything - without any physical consideration. I allowed the world to suffer while I seeked my joy. I did not care for others joy - as mine was more important. How would I live - how would I experience myself? All I knew is that I believe if I turned my thoughts to 'the positive' and ignored the 'negative' and created within myself the feelings of bliss and joy - then this is what I would attract to me - not considering what this attracting to myself what taking away from another.

I also knew in order to 'create my bliss' - I required money. And so this is what I set to create - Money. As money was that which I required to experience bliss - to be able to do anthing, buy anything, go anywhere - I needed money for this. So a big bank account = life of bliss.

Again - I had no consideration of the 7 billion other people that were here - half of which lived on less then 2 dollars a day. I did not consider how money was creating hell for people as I sought to seek my own heaven - where I had all the money I ever desired.

This is dileberate abuse of Life - as within this existence - I considered only myself - my survival, my happiness - without considering the very system I was seeking to have, money, was that which created hell for so many. I did not consider changing this system so that all could experience bliss, so that all could travel and live life and exprience joy - I only considered myself. My own imaginary bubble of the Mind where my desire was more important the the Life of others.

Then I found Desteni - and what the Desteni of the Universe revealed is that Life was calling.. waiting for me to wake up and to create a life of bliss for all. To no longer exist in my mind where I was the most important point in existence - but to start considering what is Here as ALL of myself - as the physical - the earth, the substance.. the sound. Life was waiting for me to stop the selfishness and re-discover what I have been looking for. Me. Me as All as One as Equal. Within this birthed Self Responsibility - as within seeing I AM ALL as ONE as EQUAL - I am that which I have defined as negative and as positive - the 2 sided coin that is the same... one existing because of the other - the desteni of the Universe is Equalizing LIFE for ALL. No more poles - no more polarity - no more ignoring one side to attain the other. Standing Equal with/as All here, and thus - Responsibility. Responsible for what is Here as the Life of ALL beings and to thus create, not attract, a Life of Dignity for All. Equal money. Where there is no more negative to Fear, but only LIfe to Live - bliss for all in support to be Here. Heaven on Earth for All - the Living Manifestation of Oneness within Equality.

To state one is Powerful and able to Manifest their Reality - Do it FOR ALL - dare yourself to investigate your Self Definition of the 'Almighty Creator' and create Heaven on Earth for All. Dare to Care about LIfe that is Here - standing Equal through Creating a LIfe for All - through changing the System. Stop the Self Interest and become interested in what you are a part of, LIfe on Earth. Stop the abuse - stop the IGNORance - Let All Live.