08 April 2012

2012: Dr. Wayne Dyer - Can you see for Real?

"Be willing to dream, and imagine yourself becoming all that you wish to be. Keep in mind the basic axiom -- all that now exists was once imagined. It follows then that what you want to exist for you in the future must now be imagined."

This very cool exposure of self interest that exists within Humanity currently expressed in the above statement was made by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I once followed his words - looking for guidance in my own life - busy with trying to find my bliss and how I could be more happy/content with who I am here. It made sense to me when participating in 'the secret' = where I believed I had access to exclusive knowledge and information that could transform me and my world into one that I could LOVE and enjoy. The Dr. made sense to me - as he gave me words that validated me own pursuit of happiness. Such as the one above.

Now that I can see with real eyes - I would like to show you how I can see this statement when applied to this REAL World - this Physical Reality in which we are all bound to. Let's begin...

"Be willing to dream, and imagine yourself becoming all that you wish to be." - So here the Doctor is setting up/confirming what is already accepted and perpetuated within this world - that you are a Mind of thoughts and imaginations and you exist there in that space where you seem to be boundless. Accept that what you dream does not actually exist - but follow this as this is what keeps you busy and entertained within this world so that you are in no way aware enough to hear/see that this world is not cool - not pretty - fucked up and requires to be faced in self honesty. Here he simply says... separate yourself from yourself as this Physical Reality and go into your Mind and dream up whatever pretty colors make you feel good - think about yourself and only yourself and desire something more for yourself in accepting yourself as limited/not what you are desiring. And then - beLIEve that you will become that which you are within the Mind. Believe in your Mind - believe in your desires - believe without question that you have a right to whatever life you want that makes you oh so happy - and you don't have to consider anyone else in this world - you are ok to just exist in that space in your head we call the Mind - believe this is you and accept it. Don't consider the other 99% of you - your body - the physical you that is what is actually ALLOWING you to exist/live/be here. Fuck that - just exist in your head where you can dream up whatever you want - be there in self interest - don't see the rest of the world - only see what you want.

"Keep in mind the basic axiom -- all that now exists was once imagined." - Really Doctor? Ok - so if this is so - apply this to every part, all points, every angle, all facets of this REALITY. This includes:

Animal Abuse
Child Abuse
Sex Trades
Black Markets
1% of Humans owning 99% of the earth's resources

I mean come on... look at this list and apply what the Doctor has said, "Keep in mind the basic axiom-- all that now exists was once imagined." What the fuck does that say about Humanity? We have imagined rape and war and starvation and murder? Why would we imagine this? Why would we accept this? You cannot apply these words to only that which you desire to see as 'beautiful/positive' in this world - you have to face the fact that ALL that is Here as this world manifested - is included in the claims stated above. So what does this say about us? Are we evil? Why would we imagine and apparently create this? According to the Doctor - we imagined all of this shit - and thus created it. So Why the Fuck would we do that? Perhaps the Doctor was implying for those that eat this shit up - was that those with money have a life those with less money desire - and we see the life we could be living with more money - and thus if we believe/desire/imagine ourselves with more money - we can have this life too. The ultimate trap - fear what is here as the 'other side of the coin' - and focus on getting to the 'better side' - Who else here can see how this is totally fucked - completely ignoring half the world in order to protect ourselves without considering how we then are responsible. Where is Self Responsibility in this Doctor? I mean according to you Doctor Dyer - we imagined this world to be what it is now - so have we taken responsibility for it? Do we dare to see what WE have created/allowed? Or is this statement purely accepted to keep us in the the trap of sustaining what is already here through accepting the system and not questioning it. Have we yet considered standing in the shoes of another? Did a child imagine being born into war? Common sense Required Here!

This statement ends in the most evil way possible: "It follows then that what you want to exist for you in the future must now be imagined." - What he's Really saying, "Whatever you want in your life - and please, only consider yourself in this world - not the 7 billion other Human beings (not to mention the animals and nature as a whole) - what do you want? Your wants are more important then what everyone else wants - so just stick to your self interest and focus on creating for YOU whatever YOU want - fuck everyone else. Furthermore - do not consider how this PHYSICAL REALITY actually fucntions - how things are actually created in this Physical Reality - just believe that whatever exists within your mind is real. Don't consider Physical Actions - simply go into your mind, dream up whatever you want.. and alakazam - You are an almighty creator! Cool - like magic - we don't have to do a damn thing - just hope and wish and desire and think about/dream about whatever we want - yippe - creation is easy!

Humans: Consider WAKING UP - and SEEING for REAL what these 'positive teachers' are actually spitting out within this world and within the Minds of Men. Is this statement actually best for all? Does it even consider what is Best for All? Obviously not - thus it is not Best for even One - as it is not best for all.

We cannot expect to create change in this world through simply thinking. This we have already done, thought about only ourselves and not ALL of ourselves as ALL of Humanity as a WHOLE - it's not working. Throughout time - poeple have prayed and hoped and desired and thought 'positively' - and we are creating nothing more of the same destruction - and it's only getting worse. So let's start seeing from a different perspective - one that Considers this PHYSICAL REALITY - where we all exists equally and one that Considers not just what's best for ourselves or just for our families - but one that considers what is Best for All. This requires Self Honest Self Responsibility. To see what we've accepted and courage the change it. We start by seeing who we are as Physical Beings - not just Mental Images existing only through our participation.

If you can see this with real eyes - Eyes that see All as One as Equal - then investigate Desteni and Equal Money. This is our point of Forgiveness Humanity - where we can forgive ourselves for our accepted self interest of our own survival - and start seeing what LIfe is For Real - where all Parts are Considered Equal and thus LIVED = this is the only way we will Life of Fulfillment - where each are filled with the Full support of Life.