17 March 2012

2012: Fears = Self Interest

An interesting point I realized within walking FEARS

They are ALWAYS based within Self Interest. Whether it's fear of others opinions of me, fear of a tree falling on my house - or fear of something happening to me - it's always about me. About my experience - about my feelings, about how I will react or do react.

Fear is just another way we allow ourselves to exist within self interest - and not consider the whole. While we are busy within our own fears of our own survival - we fail to see the bigger picture that shows each and everyone of our fears manifesting. We fail to see what we are creating.

So cool to walk through fears - facing the fears we have, as it is a way we take self responsibility for ourselves as this world.

And for those that say.... "I don't fear anything" I call your bluff and dare you to be self honest. It is the best gift you can give to yourself as well as getting to a point of realizing what is Best for All.

Investigate yourself... KNOW your SELF..

Check out Desteni and Equal Money - these are 2 points within our current fear based existence that support us within Standing Up and Finding Solutions that are not only best for us - but in the INTEREST of All!