31 March 2012

2012: pASSive re-SIT-Stance

What is passive resistance - in relation to this world?
Passive Resistance is saying, "I don't like what I see in this world - so I'm not going to do anything - I am going to sit here idly and not support anything in this world - because I don't agree with it. So ha - take that all - my stance is sitting on my ass and not doing anything about anything"

TO sum it up - most people within the 'stance' of passive resistance as a solution to this world - are in complete separation of who they really are and what their responsibilities in within this world. Through judgments of what we 'dislike' in this world - we believe we are better then others/corporations/groups because we 'see' more then they do and thus separate ourselves from all parts involved.

Passive resistance is like complete abdication of self responsibility within this world - as it implies that those who are 'passively resisting' are not responsible for that point and believe that by not participating they are not responsible.

Take voting for example... those who 'oppose' governments and democracy and believe we as the majority are powerless to make a change through the voting system - they believe by not voting they are making a statement and some kind of effect in this world. This is is simply not the case.

The new fad within conspiracy theorists and zietgeisters and even the OCW movement - is simply saying, "I can sit on my ass and stop feeding the system - and that's enough to change this world" Well it's not - as within this sitting - we are offering no real solutions to this world.

Within passive resistance - we are actively resisting ourselves as the system - stating that we are separate - we are inferior/superior - and believe that we don't have to do a damn thing in order to change what is here. We be-lie-ve that in our 'doing nothing/not supporting anything' we are speaking up. We are not - we are simply abdicating/separating and implying we are in capable of BEING the CHANGE.

What do we require within this world? HUMANS to Step Up - Stand Up and Be the Voice/the word/the LIving Action that directs the change that is Best for All. We cannot simply just stop buying some products or sit on the street corner with signs or pretend our passive actions are moving this world in any real direction of substantial change. This is like saying, "I don't like my job. I'm going to resist my job and be passive within my stance to/towards my job - yet I'm not going to change anything about myself or who I am within my job - this will give me a solution" - Really?

The point is: WE are this World - WE are the System - and thus WE have to change ourselves as all that is Here. How do we do that? Firstly - by taking Self Responsibility for our creation as ourselves and these world systems - then - STAND as the System - to change it. Educate ourselves about what is here - learn about the functionality of how things operate in this reality - and take positions wherein we can utilize what is already here to change this world system into one that is Best for all - Honors all - Supports all. How do we do this? Politics - Democracy - 1 man 1 vote. So what are you voting for?

Investigate Desteni and Equal Money as real solutions within this world - where we are challenged to see how we have created through our acceptance and allowances what is Here as this World and thus become Self Responsible to be the Ones that Change this world. Here is where we educate ourselves to take actions that are Best for All - self Change = world change.

Let's stop blaming 'others' for how this world exists - lets see our Equality - how we are Equally Responsible - because within this: We hold the Key. Time to get up off our butts and start walking.

The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions.