14 March 2012

2012: How FEAR WEEK is supporting Me

This week we as Destonians have began exposing and sharing ourselves within fears we have had throughout our lives.

Some of them are funny - just the few I have shared.. I have laughed talking through it - because seeing it now, realizing fear is always self created and allowed, it's just funny to see what kind of things we allow to exist within us, such as fear.

Many Destonians have taken on this point.. and a couple of points I want to make about this project.

-Many of us, as Human beings, experience the exact same fears. This is a point of equality - how we believe within ourselves we are so different, so isolated, so distant and unlike each other - yet when we are able to be self honest.. we can see just how much we are a like - just how much equality actually exists.

-Another cool point about this Project is once I speak about this fear... it's like it looses it's power it had over me. Whether the fear was major or slight, once it is brought up and out and is spoken about, it no longer has the power over me as I once believed it to be. This just proves what I have been realizing and walking within with Desteni is that, Fears are ALLWAYS self created - WE are the POWER source of our fears.. we fuel them through believing in them.. and the Mind as fears directs us within our world. So, this FEAR WEEK project is cool because we are taken back the power within ourselves to direct ourselves within the fear to see it for real.. something we have only allowed ourselves to believe in.

Also - while I've been making some of these videos, I have noticed points of ego arise, wherein before I place a video, I will check out how I look, and decide within myself whether I find myself looking acceptable, or I will judge the expression of myself within the video/sharing and not want to place the videos... or again, I will not like how my hair looks and will want to re-do the video.. Yet - I DO NOT allow this of myself... I place the video I make at the first go.. and let it go from there.

So cool to walk through these points, not allowing fear of not looking 'good' or fear of judgment of my expression direct me within myself - but directing myself as breath to GET OVER IT, and just let go.

I have been inconsistent with vlogging.. and so this project is also support in getting me going within vlogging.. stop the bullshit and just share, it's that simple.

In fact - this project has brought up many points within me - and it's fucking cool to see how we are the power in which fear or anything else within us has the power over us, so it's simply stopping and not allowing it, realizing it's that simple.

Self is the Creator.. so what are YOU creating?

Dare to Share your Fears - make a video.. place it for all to see, so that Humanity can face the fears that are here and start getting back to what matters - this physical reality! Let's stop letting fear run the show - let's show Life we care.

Investigate Desteni.. investigate what's best for all: Equal Money.

Join the Process of Self Freedom!

Here are the vids I have made so far: Ex-Boyfriends seeing me without Make-Up, Childhood Fear: Someone behind me..., Childhood Fear: "God.. am I a Sinner?"