23 February 2012

2012: Life and Death - Communication with the "Other Side"

I just finished listening to "Portal Expanded Interdimensionally".

In this Interview - a child that dies from Leukemia speaks about he's experience here while on earth - and as he died and "crossed over" into the dimensions. He speaks about the questions he had while here in this world, like, why is he sick? Why do other children get to live a normal life? What's fascinating is that even as a small child - everyone around him was telling him that, "God has a greater purpose for you and heaven is waiting for you and you are special" And he could not accept this, imagine that... A child seeing through the deception of acceptance adults attempt to impose onto children about what this world is and why things are the way they are.

He speaks about his death and what he found in "heaven" - how he didn't accept what was being shown to him - and returned to his body to see what was really going on. He found many other children with the same realization - that there was "something wrong".

He was in the dimension when the Portal opened - and talks about his experience of having a relief - as finally there was a point within existence that could cut through the deception of LIfe in this World and the Deception in Heaven. It was a fascinating listen and recommend anyone who is interested in Life, Life after Death, or Heaven to do listen for yourself.

I can just imagine some saying, "yea right, the dimensions are not real, there are not beings that can speak through a portal" - This is real. More real then your belief in God - in heaven. If you believe in God, angels, guides, life after death, hell, demons, life purposes/plans - then you would be foolish not to hear this for yourself.

This is 1 of 3 interviews explaining the Opening of the Interdimensional Portal and what effects it had within our Existence. Check it out:

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