23 February 2012

2012: A Blogger's walk of Self Transformation - My Time Line

My Blogger's Time-Line of Transformation

Fear of Sharing Equal Money - Facing/Forgiving/Correcting

We All Walk the Same Process = Equal as One

The Eternal Expression of Love Exposed

Valentines Day = My Love is Conditional

"Everyone Change in their Own Time"

Accumulation Created Thoughts and Standing Up

2012 Proves Human Devolution

21 Days and Beyond

Self Support - Practical, Actual Living

Hey ASScenders.. where you going?

Trapping Myself = Facing Myself

Mirror Mirror

How/Why I am Able to Hear the Desteni Message

"Be a Leader, not a Follower"

What is Love?

"Everything Happens for a Reason" - Statements of Deception?

The Only choice IS Life

Facing/Forgiving/Correcting Projections

The Secret Thoughts of a Dancer - Facing/Forgiving/Correcting

Real Tools for a Blissful Life - EQUAL for All

Life can Be Fun if we Dare to Live

DIP into Self

Face OUR Reality

Directing Myself through Inconsistency

Walking through the Consequences of the Past

"You are the Reason I feel this Way" -WTF?

Education/School - Just do It

The Child without Food needs the Word of God?

Religion and Spirituality - One and the Same?

"If it's Meant to Be..." a Pre-Programmed Existence

Stop Giving Yourself the Excuse, "Nobody is Perfect"

My Trip to the Desteni Farm

Are you Waiting for the Showering of the Universe?

Responding to, "The Mind is not the Enemy"

Breathing and Meditation - Is there a Difference?

We don't need God when there id Equality

There are many Breaths in just 1 Day

JULY 2011
Can You Lead?

We Write

Breathe, Live, Forgive, Let Go

JUNE 2011
Time FORgiveness

Desteni USA Meets in TX

Set Yourself Free - Write yourself Out

MAY 2011
Process Update - Standing Up for Self Honesty

Heaven is a Fairy tale for those Afraid of the Dark

The 13th Floor

Honesty vs Self Honesty

Positive Seekers are the Real Deceivers

APRIL 2011
Day 21 - Getting to know my Self Worth

Day 20 - Writing is

Day 19th - Forgive and Let Go

Day 18 - After All - It's about Self

Day 17 - There's a Will - there's a Way

Day 16 - Redefining Money

Day 15 - Bring it back to Self - and Move from Here

Day 14 - It's the Matter that Matters

Day 13 - The Ego wins this Time - yet I still Breathe

Day 12 - The Writing Process

Day 11 - Change is Possible

Day 10 - Self Direction = Self Satisfying

Day 9 - Lead by Example

Day 8 - Thinking = Self Interest

Day 7 - Snap out of It

Day 6 - Get out of your Head

Day 5 - We Fear in Others what we Do Ourselves

Day 4 - Self Decides

Day 3 - Communication is Key


Again - Day 1 of 30+ Days of Writing

Day 9 - The Body will Wake you Up

MARCH 2011
Day 8 - Do you Hear yourself?

Day 7 - What exists in this Moment?

Day 6 - Vulnerability is the ability to be Open

Day 5 - Anger for Resistances

Day 4 - What do I allow?

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1 - And Again

It's Up to Us

Because ALL are Here Equally

Day 7 - Simply Stop

Day 6 = Free Write = Freedom of Writing

Day 5 - Do you Fear this World?

Day 4 - Writing is for Me

Day 3 - Self Honesty

Day 2

Establishing Self Here


Day 7 - Sleepy Writings about Sleep

Day 6 - The Internet - Why are you Here

Day 6 - Reacting to Myself

Day 4 - Responsibility as Forgiveness

Day 2 - Writing - not Giving in

Day 1 - Breathing is

Starting Over for Me - 21 Days of Writing

Writing to Write without a Reason

Specialness = Separation

Self Forgiveness

Getting back to Reality

This is My Desteni

Researching Desteni is Taking the Red Pill

Am I 1+1=2 or just 1+1+1?

Just Start Here

Writing Myself to Freedom

Money = Energy = God

Exposing my Self Abuse as Smoking

It's Always Only Me

I need no other Acceptance than Self Acceptance
Express to Simply Express - To See what is Here Unconditionally
We are the "Crazies"

Taking Responsibility for Myself and Allowing others to do the Same

I am a Taurus? Oh no... wait, I am now an Aries!
Walking my Process of Self Realization - Self Perfection - Self Purification

DEC 2010
Holiday = HELLofDAYS

What "Ifs" of Future Projections and Stopping It
Writing Process and Seeing a Pattern
Self Commitment to Writing update

Starting Over

MARCH 2010
After the Interview

Writing in the Morning

What I now Realize

Self Standing Through Writing

More Shit

Facing the Shit that I exists as within