24 October 2011

"If it's Meant to Be..." a Pre-programmed Existence

"Don’t worry, just breathe – If it is meant to be, it will find its way" This statement is all to familiar with me. You might have heard it in various ways - like, "Just go with the flow", or "if it's meant to be, it will be". Such statements and beliefs exist within the implication of a force outside of ourselves - guiding and directing and 'taken care of' everything for us. This statement also implies preprogramming - a predetermined destination that has already been created, and that we are just in it for the ride, and to just sit back and go along with whatever will come. I use to tell this to myself a lot. Relax, if it is suppose to happen, it will happen. It's what I told myself to re assure myself that 'everything is ok' - a way I used to keep myself content with my world and my reality, trusting in some higher force at play that will in the end provide for me that which I need. Then I found Desteni - and the self realization came that only I am here. And waiting for something to 'come to me', patiently waiting for a sign or an outcome, trusting that whatever it is, will find it's way to me and I will be ok. I was filled with self doubt and fear of this world. Fear of moving, of making decisions, of directing my life, and I believed within all of my being that there was something 'out there' that was having a hand in my life, and that if I just let go and trust in this, it will give to me what I am meant to have.
I realized this is enslavement. I was enslaving myself to a belief, that was an acceptance and allowance of a trust out side of myself. It implied I was incapable of Creating - directing, moving myself to create what is meant to be for me. I accepted a decision and plan was already set forth for me - I didn't know anything about it, but I trusted it. And so I sat stagnant. My participating within Desteni supported Me to Stand Up within myself and realize - Only I can create what I want. Only I can direct myself. There is nothing "out there" - I am and all is Here. And it's time I start acting like I am the Directive Principle of my Life. Because no one else can create my Life - I accept and allow, every moment, every moment of what my Life is. Before Desteni - I was a positive seeker looking for Love - everywhere but Here. Today, I am Here facing this Reality - as myself and as the Whole within the Awareness that to allow a 'pre programmed' existence to Continue - will only continue to create slaves. Slaves to the script that has been written. Today I write my own script, breathe by breathe, word by word, redefining who I am in this World and what I accept and allow. I no longer accept and allow a World filled with Abuse and Separation and Suffering. I no longer accept this within myself. I no longer wait for my savior to come to my rescue - I am Here for myself. I no longer believe there is something 'greater then me' as I realize I am of the Earth, which is of the Universe, thus I am Equal and/as One with all that is Here, as this Manifested Reality. I am Here to birth the Equality of Life. This is how we change the World. By stopping our beliefs that keep us ignorant and in cages of our own entrapment. We have the Key. We are able to Stop. See what it is that we accept and allow that does not actually Support what is Best for All. Dare to See with REALeyes.

03 October 2011

Stop giving yourself the Excuse, "Nobody is Perfect"

There is this saying I have heard my whole life. "Nobody is perfect" And this statement is usually spoken wherein someone makes a mistake. Or becomes emotional, or does something they regret or are reactive to/towards. It's like, shit, I fucked this up, but it's ok, nobody is perfect. It's this acceptance that, nope, we are not perfect. We are flawed. And we accept that of ourselves. We don't believe we can stop accepting such a self limitation. Because really, it is self defeat. It says, I am not perfect. I was made imperfect. Therefore I have this statement to blame or to 'give up' my self responsibility for my thoughts, words and deeds. Simply, because "Nobody is perfect" If no one is perfect, then I don't have to be perfect. I can exist like everyone else. I can accept imperfection within this World. The environment is being destroyed by humans for profit and power? Well, "Nobody is Perfect" The child got sold into child prostitution by her father because they need money for the rest of the family" Well, "Nobody is Perfect" I have thoughts of spite and anger and rage towards others? Well, "Nobody is Perfect" Well look again. Every BODY is Perfect, as it is that which gives Life. Sustains Life. Gives you the air you breathe so that you may exist here. Not why do we not live Equal and Stand UP to be that which is Perfect. This is just one statement/beleifs within the Mind's of Humanity, another reason we give ourselves to not look at who we are in this World. "Nobody is Perfect, therefore I will accept this World the way it is" This is unacceptable and is blind ignorance. It is lack of self awareness, because if we realized who we are as the body of Humanity, we would not allow parts of ourselves to suffer. We would not accept anything less then perfect from ourcells. Every Cell in our Bodies and every Self in the Body of Earth, would take responsibility for themselves, within what they accept and allow - and we would exist within heaven on Earth. Why do we accept less then ourselves? Because we have accepted this statement to be true. We see ourselves as inferior, less then and imperfect. Well we are not. And I do not accept this of myself. As long as I am breathing here, I am changing who I have accepted myself to be. Within my mind and Body and actions. I do this through writing, facing who I am within my mInd. Through Self hOnesty, realizing the Thoughts I have the the beliefs I've carried and the limited perception of this World is no longer acceptable. So through breathing and walking, I face this and change myself. To make sure I accept only Self Perfection. Wholeness. Equality and Oneness. THis is what is BEst for Me. Being the Best "I am " that is Best for all.