23 August 2011

We don't need God when there is Equality

Why do we believe in God? In a form 'higher then ourselves'? A power greater then us?

All people believe in some from of
greater being. Why? Why do we allow this?

Is it Hope that theres something better for us - that this LIfe is just temporary - it's not real, that the real life is with god in the 'afterlife'?

Why do we accept this belief? This lie that we make up in our minds. Maybe if we lived in a world where there was no need to survive, all was given for LIfe - such as food and water and shelter. If we lived in a System that supported EveryONE to be Here equally - where it didn't matter where you are from or how much money you have or dont have.

The simple fact that You are HERE - gives you a right to LIFE. To live. To be provided for.

If we lived in such a world - we would not need a belief in a god - of something greater - of a mystery we are trying to solve... wiating to see who is right and just holding on till we find out.

We would be LIVING Here and now.

The Belief in God is a make believe we have chosen to make real to ourselves in our sleeping state. As our eyes are closed, we choose to believe in something directing this world.

Guess what FOlks - We are Here - ALONE - with ourselves. There is NO god - there is only us and our Creation. Our creation = a system that gives to the minority and allows the majority to suffer.

Place yourself in the Shoes of one without Money. What would you like to recieve? We do not need God to Live Principles that are Divine. That are COMMON SENSE. That are what is Best for ALL.

Consider Common Sense. In waking Up to what is Here - to what has been allowed as Humanity - and DARE to make a change. Starting with yourself. Who are you and what do you allow within your MInd - as beleifs? What do you give power to separate from you here?

We are Desteni - and We are Here to Create a World of Equality - One that is Best for All.

The only chose is to be the same or Birth a new.

What will you decide?