31 July 2011

Can you Lead?

So an interesting point came up today while I was at work.

Currently - I work as a server in a restaurant. There was 8 other people serving with me tonight, yet I was a 'closer'. So I was in one of the sections that stays on till close. It is a 'leadership' role - that entails ensuring all work is completed - during and after the shift, well in regards to stocking supplies we needs during the shift, and at the end of the night, making sure the place looks nice and ready for the next day.

Well - we have recently added new 'running side work' for everyone during the shift. We all get placed on a board and are assigned to a specific task throughout the night. For example, one person will keep the ice bins full all night, another will make sure cups are stock, another will stock plates and silverware, and etc. My name was not on the board - and neither was the other closer. So I was like, what am I suppose to do?

Apparently - the closers 'job' is to ensure that everyone else is doing there specific job.

And then I had reactions. Because I noticed the ice bin was empty. And we needed cups in the front and the back. I saw that plates were getting low and we could use more silverware.

Normally - if I have the time and see these things are needed to be stocked - then I would just do it. It was kind of like - if you notice it - you take care of it.

So this time - I had reactions to having to mention to someone that their specific side work needed to be done. Mostly what I experienced was how they would react to me asking them to do these things. But obviously I was projecting myself onto them - as I had the initial reaction to having to ask them to do it. Also I experienced fear of how they would see me - that they would think I thought myself to be better then them.

The Mind is a real fuck up.

But it was cool - as I expressed what I was experiencing in relation to this point with another co worker - and what I realized, is that it doesn't have to be anything personal. It's simply something that needs to be done. I can just be direct about it - and not assume they will go into reactions - or feed my own reactions either. As this creates the illusion of something being more then what it is. This is how we attempt to create a situation to be something more then what is actually is. The point simply was that was my task. To ensure others were doing there task. And if all take care of their task - the shift goes smoothly - and all are then supported within the work shift.

What else I see within this is that Ego is not just being about superior to another, or to think highliy of oneself. Ego is that voice within the Mind that has an opinion, idea, thought, perception, answer to everything. It's self interest - as it exists within making everything about itself.

Unnecessarily complicated.

So it was cool to see this point - again, putting more value on another's opinion about me - instead of Standing up within myself as Self Value - directing myself within every moment to simply get done was is required to get done. No matter where I am at. No need to have ideas about it or beliefs. They are not real - and only influence self within the self experience.