30 May 2011

Process Update - Standing Up for Self Honesty

Process Update

I have faced many challenges within my agreement - ones that have pushed me to consider what is means to be Self Honest - and to Stand Up to What is Best for All.

I have always considered myself to be 'passive'. Which I can see has only been me within supression - in not wanting to Stand up for myself or my self honesty.

Finally - I was placed within a position where my self honesty was challeneged. And while it was 'easier' to be passive and 'go with the flow' - I was only supression myself and allowing abuse within myself and another. I then said No more. I cannot deny myself the right to Self Honesty. I saw a point of deception within me and another - and despite the outcome, I had to Stand Up. Without Fear, I stand Up. And the outcome was unaccepted. It allowed another the support I was offering myself. Equal and One.

When one supports oneself to Change - Support for others exist as well.

When one pushes oneself to be more then has been accepted - another gets pushed to do the same.

Equality and Oneness.

The Road to Freedom may not be easy - but it is neccessary to be done.

This Life is our Oppurtunity to Change who we have Become and to Birth ourselves into what is Best for All. And that is one that Consideres what has never been considered before. Change. Within Self.

Through this I confirm to myself my commitment to myself as Life. I am commited to Life as me. To change who I have become and support others to do the same.

This is what we do within the Desteni I Process - why we consider an Equal Money System.

Because We Realize doing the same thing expecting different results is the definition of Insanity. So it's time for Us to DO what has never been done before. And that is Change, within and Without. Best for All. Equality and Oneness.

Give Yourself the Gift of Life. Give Self Self Honesty.