05 May 2011

Positive Seekers are the Real Decievers

I know first hand. As I once gave myself up to just another Belief System of this World.

The Secret is - 'The Secret' has been around for centuries - yet this time it is packaged in a nice colored bundle that makes you think your getting a taste of something so grand.

It is a Grand Deception.

The Law of Attraction - Positive Thinking - Creating through Visualisation - is all part of the same trap to keep you exising in Self Interest.

When I first came across the whole idea of Law of Attraction - I was in a position of looking for the Meaning to Life - the Meaning to my existence. I wanted to know the purpose and reason for me being here - and how come it's 'so hard'. The Secret gave me all I wanted. It suggested that I could create a Reality that is Best for Me. That if I changed my thinking - and my attitude - and thought enough about something then I would 'attract' it into my Reality. I would be 'creating' this. Yet - here we can see that 'attracting' is not actually creating - it implies something already exists - and you just bring it to you.

Moving on

I 'though' the Law of Attraction was it! I found my reason and Purpose and it was to uplift myself and others through 'shining as the light' - meanig being the 'brightness' of positivity.

All I was doing was pretending that nothing negative existed and forced my way to feel something that only made me feel better.

Which is what the Law of Attraction Suggests. Turn the other cheek to the negative in this World - and only focus on the Positive. Yet what we are ACtually doing is placing ourselves within ignorance, to make ourselves believe that the negative doesn't exist and delude ourselves to see the beauty.

The 'ugly' is not the illusion. The 'beauty' is. As it is a means to cover up what is actually going on. It is merely a distraction - a drug we give ourselves in order to no Face the Reality of this World - Our World, and pretend 'all is well'.

Well it's not.

The truth: Almost half of the Population is existing in Poverty. What does this mean? That while you are shopping for more clothes and products to make you more attractive - and drinks that keep you trapped in your oblivious state of delusion - Other Human Beings are doing anything, ANYTHING, they can just to merely survive in this World. Crime, War, Abuse, Poverty - all of these 'negatives' exist because We as Humanity have chosen to 'see the beauty', because we Know we are Responsible for accepting and Allowing such a State in the World.

Have we Consider that Positive and Negative are different sides of the Same Coin. Meaning they are One and the Same. They Exist for Eachother - as Eachother - and until We Equalize these 2 points - we are only allowing Both to Exist.

Positive and Negative is Separation. They balance eachother out. So While we are busy focusing on the positive - we are in fact supporting and creating MORE negative to Exist.

The Only Solution - Equality as Oneness as ALL.

Nothing is 'positive' or 'negative', this is only the Judgments we give it. What is Here is Simply Here - and It's time for Us to Face it.

This is what we are busy with within Desteni and the Desteni I Process. Utilizing the Tools of Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, Breath, Writing, to first bring about a Change Within ourselves - Equalize the 'positive and negatives' within ourselves - then Doing the Same within this World. And that is where an Equal Money System comes in.

Because while millions suffer - the 'other side of the coin', is also suffering. Both are trapped in a System of Inequality, abuse and deception. Which all Streams from Self Interest. Time to Consider All as Equals.

None are Free until ALL are Free.

Join us - Free yourself with the Desteni I Process. Stand with a Group that is Here the Bring about An Actual Change within this World - one that is BEST FOR ALL. Dare to Care for All Life.