17 May 2011

The 13th Floor

Today, while working a job - I was taken to an office building with 16 floors. I was going to the top. While on the ride upwards - I noticed that the floors went from 12 to 14. Hmm.. where was the 13th floor? Immediately - I assumed it was because of this black cloud that hangs over the number 13 - but thought no way this is actually why there is no 13th floor. Perhaps it's a mechanical floor?

On my way down - there were 2 other women with me in the elevator. I asked them why they thought there was not a 13th floor available for access. They told me - superstitions. Apparently it's common for buildings with more then 13 floors to 'skip' the 13th floor.

Seriously? So I did a little research and found out that this has been an accepted 'norm' since the early 1940s. Because of this superstitions about the number 13 being unlucky - tenants will either skip allowing this floor to be accessed, use it as a mechanical floor - or will label it Floor M.

Anyone else see this as absolutely ridiculous. The power we give to our beliefs...

Also - what is most fascinating - is that the Reason the owner of the buildings will not put in a 13th floor - is to avoid problems of superstitious tenants. Which really imply fear of not making Money. Here is an example of how we will support beliefs/ideas about something - when it is so obviously delusional - just to make Money.

Beliefs are just that - Lie's we are trying to Be. Just because we beLIEve in something - doesn't make it Real. And to support people in their Mental Disorders - for the sake of making Money - is just another example of the Abuse that is the Current Money System.

In an Equal Money System - we would not need to allow people such beliefs. Because we will no longer be required Money to Live - we will not fear not making money because of another's belief.

Remember - there is a LIE in every beLIEf.

Keep it Simple, Stand Up for Life - What is Best for All. That is the End of Superstitions - Ideas and Beliefs - and Standing Up for Life - the Quality of ALL Life within an Equal Money System.