01 April 2011

Day 9 - The Body will Wake you Up

My body aches. And while I was working today - I allowed myself to slip into the back chat of constantly feeding myself, "I am miserable". "I just want to go home" "I should have called in"

My whole beingness - my whole presence was in a slump - and I could feel it physically.

What what do I realize?

Time to Slow down. Again, stop and slow myself down, because the last few weeks I Have been just running and running around in circles, needing to get this and that done - and completely disregarding my breath.

Lost in the Mind - Caught up in the World.

And so the Physical reminds me. Hey. Stop. Slow down. Consider the Physical - feel the Body. The Body that is You  - that breathes you and allows you to Live.

And to bring myself back to self Honesty. Not just in writing - but  in things I want to do on a day to day basis. Take time for myself. Consider what it is that I enjoy - and to do that.

It's ok to enjoy yourself. Be Enjoyment.

So here I'm thanking the Physical for the pain I experiences - the ache reminding my to acknowledge it as me. This is the Process we are walking in Fact, bringing ourselves back to the Physical - back to Reality - back to Life.